Wednesday, August 27, 2003

damn I mashed my toe when I was on the treadmill and was the big toe with the screw in it IRC man that hurt.
Anyway today is my day off from Pima got classed M,Tand TH.
RE: my Kamuie coat still not here hell in fact turns out theres 2 Mike H's with orders from limebarb.com and I was looking at the Wrong Mike H when i thought my order was shipped wich is a huge relief. Ill try to post a pic of me wearing it when it comes in. Well I am off to the Library to get Snowcrash I had it on reservation so hopefully its as good as J says it is.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Well today was my first day of classes. Good news I was able to get my History Class at one at East Campus so Thank God I dont have to drive halfway across town to get to class. and now Tales of the Fucking moronic Comp admins at Pima East Campus. Morons put Windows XP pro on computers that could barely run windows 2000 and on top of that they gave every one a Power User account ie same as admin but cant create accounts or view other users files ie a Power user can Install Programs were a Regular User Can only save and read files and can not Install programs. Well atleast I wont have to use it much since I have broadband at home but damn what kind of moron gives non comp literate people that kind of power thats how Virri and spyware spread some person who doesnt know better runs a program they shouldnt run and it fucks up the whole thing. Last year was a nightmare for computer problems at Pima. Oh yeah I Forgot to mention most of the staff working in the cop lab doesnt know jack about computers (Hope this year is better) and also they dont have all the updates installed well I guess there network is going to get h@x0r3d agien and slow to a even greater crawl.

Well today was my first day of classes. Good news I was able to get my History Class at one at East Campus so Thank God I dont have to drive halfway across town to get to class.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Joke of the moment

what does a snow storm and fucking have in common for women?

she never knows how many inches she will get, or how long it will last.

Monday, August 18, 2003

You are a vampire.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

I guess cuz I answered sleep alot or some crap like that. I see my self as more of a wise dragon or something like that

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Well Ill be back in town some time tommrow maybe around 4 or so. Been in Northern California with my parents and we went to Tahoe with my grandpa and I won like 500 dollers got a 15 gig apple Ipop and gave the rest to my dad to pay back what I owe him. wish I had all my Mp3's with me thu oh well. also I am going to have a ton of headers to download when I get back err all that anime and H I need to dl when I get in. well thats it for now till I get back that is.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Here is a Little joke i thought up about the California Goverment Race.

"It really is a 3 ring circus you got the strong man,the midget and the clown running"

Friday, August 08, 2003

Well I just got back from the casino went with my mom (mom is still there) came out 50 cents ahead :D hey atleast I didnt lose my shirt. Course were sitting there alone at the table and then this chinese lady (about in her 30's kinda cute (course maybe it was becouse well read futher down) sits down and asks to raise the minimum to $25 which raises the max to $500. So they change it but still allow My mom and I to bet minnum of $5. anyway were sitting there and this lady is playing 3 hands of $500 dollers each for a total of $1500 and im sitting there thinking "My god i could buy a transferable Mac 11 Submachine gun (there legal in AZ) for that kind of money!" Anyway I kept pushing my mom keeps winning and the high roller starts cleaning the place out the dealer Ran out of $100 chips so starts paying her in $25 chips anyway I get down $15.50 so I play one last hand bet $5get a 11 double down make 21 win and so I leave $0.50 ahead atleast I didnt lose.

Well its 2 am Im wired so off to do chores. Might as well since I am the only one here.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

my list of fansubs for sale the List starting at $1-3 shipping depends on how many tapes you want.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Well today my order from Jlist.com came in Gothic Lolita Bible and HomeMade Gothic Lolita there fashion magazines in case you were wondering. Brain storming like crazy over what to make for Expo. In other Cosplay news my Kamui coat should be here by the end of the month I will try to post a picture if I can find the other digital camera. On another not I was going to go out to Best Buy with J but to to circumstances beyond our control (read his folks) He wasnt allowed to pick me up. Course I didnt find this out till I was gettting ready phone rang as I was putting on my shoes. Oh well Sh*t happens no big deal more of a minor annoyence since we keep trying to go do stuff togthter. Hmm just found out for some stupid reason blogger wont let me use the TAB key to indent when I try to. Maybe its just my IE for some reason would use Opera but last time I tried it wouldnt let me log on. Hate that listen up people NOT EVERY ONE LIKES IE its one of the worst Webbrowsers ever made ok. Yeah its on something like 86% (rough guess) of all computers but It sucks as a webrower You can drive a Mack Truck thru the holes in its security Code. Not to mention its SLOW
compared to Other browsers In my expericance anyway. Any way enought ranting about IE.

Other Things that came in today: my Sister Princess UFO catcher Plushie of Kaho and my Sister Princess Mini Cushion/throw pillow. I love that show its so damn cute Prefer the second season Sister Princess Repure over the First thu. Repure is more cute and each episode has 2 parts 1rst part is a mini story focusing on the story of that episode with the second part being a Mini story featuring just one Girl. (and some of them will make you wonder if need to borrow some of Killjoys Insuline like the one with Hinako and hows shes going to bring a Umbrella to her Oni-tama(cute and childish way of saying big brother) and on the way she gets in a staring contest with a frog and shes like "oh no if I lose he will take me away and make me marry him" Its just really cute.

My favorite Characters in order are:

Marie, Kaho,Yotsuba and Aria

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