Thursday, September 25, 2003

words of wisdom from a ar15.com thread on Legalizing Marijuana

"Originally Posted By bigjuice:
1) Tax it. Marijuana is the largest cash crop in most of the Southern states (I know it is in Alabama) and is goes completely untaxed. So we can quit paying to fund the "war on drugs" which we lost the day we waged it and make the druggies pay their fair share.
2) Use some of the tax money for drug rehab programs (harder drugs, marijuana and alcohol. Some alcohol tax money should be going to this already but it doesn't). Make the users pay for their own recovery instead of the regular taxpayer.
3) Marijuana is a gateway drug because it is illegal. You have to go to a dealer to get it who then gets you to try other, more addictive drugs. The only gateway for legal weed will be becoming addicted to Ho-Ho's as you pick up a pack of Acapulco Gold cigarettes at the Exxon station.
4) Law enforcement can focus on stomping out the meth labs and stop the importation of heroin and cocaine into this country. These drugs are much more dangerous and addictive than marijuana, which is a drug that has never had a reported death by overdose.
5) Greatly decrease prison overcrowding due to a large population of non-violent offenders convicted on marijuana possession, dealing, trafficking charges. This will also LOWER OUR TAXES!!!!!!
6) AR15 members that are not already paranoid can be sent several ounces of weed to smoke. Their level of paranoia after smoking weed constantly for several months will allow them to fit in much better here.

This making any sense?"

I like #3 I can just imagine it now "Give me the ho-ho's or the bitch gets it

Monday, September 22, 2003

from MSN: regarding one of the most hysterical momements in CA recall case.

In the 30 seconds given to him for rebuttal, Rosenbaum offers a heroic attempt to consolidate the thousand firing synapses in his brain into three cogent points about election law. He gets as far as point three before the technology seems to backfire: “This is the strongest case,” he points out, “that has ever been in this circus.”
“Um, circuit.” He tries to correct himself, but the bench is in stitches, and one of the justices laughingly suggests that he “quit while you’re ahead.” “Guess who’s the biggest clown,”

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

L33T C3R3@L 0V3RC10CK y0ur BR3@KF@ST!

Not my work sadly but still Funny.

Sorry for not posting in a while.

anyway Finished Snow Crash a while back I like it go read it and all that jazz(been listening to the Chicago Soundtrack) :D.

that is all for now cant think of anything else to put.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

RIAA subpoena found it on /.

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