Tuesday, January 20, 2004

stolen from /. about "lie detector glasses"

Re:Hard facts. (Score:5, Funny)
by Simonetta (207550) on Tuesday January 20, @06:08PM (#8037308)
Most guys come with pretty straight-forward love detectors: they're called 'erections'.

Ladies, if you see one, there's a 96% chance that the guy's in love with you.

You don't need any special glasses.
Simonetta Vespucci (1454 - 1476) -- Beauty is the most subtle form of intelligence.
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Music cd of the Moment: T.a.T.u. 200 km in the wrong lane.

And yes I own the legit cd making my cd collection a massive total of 5 cd's
this one, Yuki Kajuri Fiction, .hack//sign OST 1(the import one) Malice Mizer Garnet Single(import), Azumanga Daioh opening and Ending single (import).

Ill probly pick up some Puffy Amiyumi this week if I can find it.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Finnaly got the last ep of Kimi Ga nozomi Ein Now i can finnaly watch the last 5 episodes. I decided to wait till i had the last eps so i didnt have to agonizling wait for them to come out and I could just blaze thru it in one sitting. Probbly do that later tonight.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Early morning present I give you the ladder theory of understanding women and Men Ladder Theory And for the most part its true.
Kinda sucks being a cuddle bitch.

Cuddle bitch:
"Basically this is just a guy who has a very high position on the friends ladder. So far up the friends ladder that he gets the dubious honor of getting to provide all the intimacy that a girl is missing when she's off fucking guys who basically don't care about her like outlaw bikers and band members. So he gets to be the proxy father/confessor/friend/teddy bear for her, depending on what she is missing at the time. Perhaps the only consolation of this is a ladder jump to the real ladder seems statistically a little more likely to succeed. Of course, when one is that high up the fall is dreadful indeed...."

I like cuddling its nice Just fucking let me know ahead of time its not going to get anymore intimate than that ok. Falling into the abbyse becouse I miss interete signals hurts like hell and makes me bitter dont do that. A bitter pissed off me is not a pretty site. Ask me about my previus relationships some time if you want a example of how bitter I can get. anyway I hope the ladder theory helps you understand relationships a little better. And for the record damn straight I find my female aqquantinces attractive that doesnt mean I want to bang them all thu it would be like sleeping with my little sister(if i had one)since were so close I wouldnt want to ruin the friendship by having a breakup after that level of intimacy in other words my body says "damn xxx is hot go for it" but my more logical brain says"yeah she is but dont becouse u want dont want to have happen what happened with xxxxx(no sex in that case or any other but my theory is she though i was going to well pardon the expression by "pump and dump" in other words let a friendship try to become a relationship and have it come tumbling into the pit of despair" In other words I have no fucking clue what I want at this point. So like Rueben(sp?) told me just go with the flow and whatever happens happens. So from now on Fuck it all im just going to drift in the current. Since in the words of another good friend of mine "remember mike us men dont do the choosing its the women that do" in a more poetic way "in the game of love women hold all the cards"

And the funny thing is as i write this i am stone cold sober. Amazing what one comes up with when there mind wonders about stuff. Sitting here alone in my thoughts. Always tend to write liek this flash of insperation and all that crap. provly rambling I really dont care.

In other news Tsukihime is good Arcuid is hot and I want to cosplay the main Character hell he even has the same glasses as me!. Still need to make my hat for Ririsu from yami to something hon something (traviller of the darkness hat and book). need to make a pair of boobs also my ittie bittie chise sized manboobs arent going to cut it compared to her gozanga's oh well probly wont worry about boobs since I prefer em a little on the small and perky side anyway.(and every girl i know is probly thinking I mean her right about now im not ok sheesh see above for reasons why even thu*crack* "PERVERT" owe what was that for *had to attemt some humor dindt I)

In other crossplay planned I do want to make Hotaru from Sailor Moon S in here cute little black skirt and top with the black tights she is just so damn cute I had a crush on her so bad when I was watching Sailor moon(before you call me a lolicon I was watching it raw as it was airing in japan my cousin's relatives would ship her a tape every month or so and she would pass it on to me when she was down watching it so I was around 13 or so at the time) I also want to go as Kaho from sister princess in her either her Pajama's or her Cheer uniform. I think it would fun to walk around calling people "onii-chama" and her outfits are just so damn cute. I also want to crossplay Shiori from Kanon and Haruka From Kimi ga nosumi ein (sp) I think that would be fun. I could get one of my friends to crossplay as Yuichi or Takayuki-kun i think it would be funny we could call it "sad crossplayers and snow" instead of Sad Girls and snow
well im practly falling asleep at the keys so im going to head off the bed and hopefully dreamland will have a better theme then last nights wake up in the middle of the night and go WTF kinda dream was that you know the ones that make you simply shrug and go "What the fuck?" or "were the fuck did that come from" the really bizzare ones you only remember fragments of such as well xxxx was there and it was a cross between Battle Royale and Tiny snow Fairy Sugar (not a real dream but a example of a WTF moment dream)
that would be a sersusly WTF moment.

anyway im off

Fun with fansubbed Hentai
the show: Maniax (one of the most fubar ones ive seen in a long time(s&m b&d, gallons of goop some tentacles a demon chick, some WTF momements,multi people,lots of buzzing things in other words one twisted series of Hentai but the translations are hysterical.
the subber: Hentai-Heaven at Aniverse
I would post screenshots if i could but that would violate cox.net's (my only host for images at this time) Conduct code and I love my connection to much to risk losing it. I am not making these up.

anyway some choice quotes:
"Take it out it feels sad"
"thats becouse your virgina is so wet"
"What dis This is wireless shaking machine"
"Call my brother please"(supposed to be call me brother please)
"my belly my belly button"
"Its you who command do this me"
"you never feel high afterwords"
"blow this pipe"(its a whistle really i swear) No i cant its a shame"
"i feel extremly high"
"its sniffy"
"trig your weight with breast only"
"go out"

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