Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Thanks to Eliza for drawing Kana for me
I rehosted the image so not to rape her bandwith.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Kana asked me if she could post a update so I said ok (edit) ok I went back and added my thoughts in). Anyway here she is.

Niiya said I could post something on his blog so I guess I will. so umm uhhh (Mike edied by Mike she's was really nervous) ummm I cant think of anything. ooh ohh I think Niya's got a crush on onee chan hes always hanging out with her (Mike edit: Were just friends nothing more) Niiya said we could go out somewhere this week with just us Im so happy its going to be fun I can have Niiya all to my self. Oh and yesterday Eliza-onee was drawing a picture of me. I hope shes done soon so I can post it so everyone can see what a great artist she is. Anyway I gotta go to school tommrow so bye bye.

Ok every one Im back While Kana is heading off to bed I got some quick stuff to add before I go back reading since i cant do much whille making backups of dvds. For those wondering what progs I use. DVD Shrink and Nero 6.0 with Riteck media from supermediastore.com (they currently got a 50 pack for 49 dollrs shipped. well BRB Kana wants me to read her a story and tuck her in for the night.

ok back well not much new with me just been burning backups of crap and slowly catching up on my que of backlogged anime I needed to watch.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Todays topic PORN(heh ill probbly get get a ton of hits from search engine spiders)
taken from http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=228753&w=searchPop
"• Are You Desensitized To Porn...?"
Pretty much the Question was asked are you desentisited to porn. Heres a few tid bits of wisdom and insite
my take will follow the select quotes.

[quote]Originally Posted By Valkyrie:
Outside the Bukake stuff and the lesbian action, I can sum up most porn like this.
Chic sucks dick, guy eats
pussy, guy bangs chic, chic sucks more dick, guy eats more pussy, guy bangs chic in the ass, guy pulls out blows load on the chics face. Everything is a variation on that.
I'm desensitized. And no, I don't like violent sex either.[/quote]

yeah for the most part this hits the "American" porn genre's nail on the head(NO PUN INTENDED) . Japanese adult videos tend to follow the same forumala minus the anal sex ussaly minus the "money shot" and toss in a handfull of vibrating sex toys before the oral sex and theres a standard jp porno. Hentai all bets are off it can go anywere. It gets repetive after a while and is fun to watch for a good laugh at how over acted boths sides of the world's porn is.

[quote]Originally Posted By SWIRE:
Interesting question. The last time I was in a strip club I was checking out the clothed ladies next to the stage instead of the totally nude dancer on stage. So I guess that means I'm desensitized.
The thing is, if nudity was made "acceptable" then women would lose a lot of their power. How many times have you been teased/taken advantage of by a woman because she flashes a little cleavage or hints that you might see more. If you want to see a truely amazing reaction, the next time a woman tries that on you just give her a yeah so what look and then say half the country has those, so what.

I've actually been able to move beyond being in awe of the things I was taught were taboo. Now instead of staring at a hot woman and being all flustered "because she is so beautiful", I can actually be myself and engage in a normal conversation with her. Suprisingly most can't carry on an intelligent conversation and you suddenly realize how foolish it was back in the day when you felt powerless to her because of her assets.

I have no desire to snatch someone and do horrible things. I've actually been experiencing the opposite. Unless the girl is pretty and smart, I'm not interested in doing anything with her.

It is just me but it seems women with huge boobs tend to have no brain I know im overly generalizing but it does tend to be the case. Give me a smaller chested women with a brain anyday over a big titted ditz(then agien I am biased as the majority of women i have been attracted to have been small to medium chested with the exception of 1). as for the clothed vs non clothed he does make a point I knew a young women in high school who was essently used flashing her Tits at a guy as a way to contol him. "like this well if u do ... you can have some more" first time I meet her I saw right thru her game had a great time countering her mind games anyway I have a theory about the whole nudity non nudity and attractiveness. Stick a man in a room with 100 women that fit this mans ideal of attrativeness 99 of them will be naked and one will be in lingerie. My theory is the majority of the time the man will gravate to the women in lingerai as shes more appealing to him becouse of the mystery of her clothing versus the other 99 women who are just naked. well thats all i can think of for now.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Shot Show was awsome. Walked like crazy. Still need to sift thru all the flyers and catologs I got.

Theres going to be alot of cool stuff coming out next year in the firearms field.

Got to play around with alot of really awsome guns. anyway ill post more about it later. Tommrow ill probly organize all thr stuff I picked up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Rose's are ....

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF

Roses are red
Violets are blue
They'll need dental records
To identify you.

Roses are red
violets are blue
all my base are
belong to you.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
In Soviet Russia
Poems Write You

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Kana a character designed by Cyax777

Sex: Female
Age: 12-13 years old
H/W/B undecided about 4/11 with a small bust about a A cup or so 90 pounds or so?
Hair Style and color: a couple inches beyond shoulder lenghh straight light brown almost a blondeish with bangs some times tyes it back into pigtails.
Eye Color and eyewear: brown with glasses
DOB: 12/23
Hobbies: Loves reading fairy tales and fantasy books.
Dress: Wears a black EGLish dress(that poofs out due to the pettcoat undernear. She also wears black bloomers) with lace trim around the neck line,the wrists, and the bottom. A lace headress, and lace top stockings or black kneehigh socks and cute shoes. Her favorite accesory is a Hair band with cat ears on it.
Carrys around a plush Grumpy Bear from the Care Bears or a Parasol(Lace Umbrella)
Personlity: Kana is a shy quite girl who tends be very soft spoken
Other notes: Kana is in love with her Step Brother whom she calls “Niiya” and she likes to snuggle next to him. Shes very affectionete towards “Niiya”
She has a lot of Stuffed animals on her bed.and she loves to snuggle with them also.

I Consider her my femine side :P

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Been a while since I added anything. Anyway I made a Battle Royale Costume for the january 31rst TASS screening it kicks ass I shot it full of holes from a friends FULL AUTO uzi(yes its legal to own a machine gun in AZ as long as you follow the mirade of federal law and have the money to buy one a Uzi is about 3.5k dollers last I checked). Pictures coming soon. Joans is having a sale on fabric so I should be going over there this weekend and then have Eliza Help me on my costumes for Expo and such.
Next TASS screening is Sad girls and Snow(My idea but ironicly) I will be out of town at the Shot Show In Las Vegas (Shot Show wins hands down anyday vs a anime screening)
Anyway I was able to get my hands on a copy of BRII and was able to hard sub it and burn it to a DVD(since the DVD iso I had was PAL which wont play on my dvd players will work on computer thu so i took the raw AVI i had gottten early ran it thru VB then frameserved it to tmpeg and then burnt that mpeg to a DVD.

Finnaly got to play King of Fighters 2003 and Metal Slug 5. Kof 2003 is ok but i still like 96 as my favorite. Metal slug 5 is way to short beat it in about 1/2 hour. in other Video game news I fixed the problem i was having with my Xarcade stick ( it kept loosing the nuts that were holding the joystick down and messing up with making foward circles and such. I just tightned em down agien and added some locktite essently gluing them on) Works Great know like it did before it started giving me problems. Hand down the bets 100 dollers I spent last year. Best joystick ive ever used and Normaly I cant stand joysticks on consoles. I still have my USB to Playstation/N64 adaptor dont use it anymore but ill use it for when I want to play 2 player games via MAME or whatever. Speaking of MAME I fucking hate how when i get the new version it dicks with my games not working so I end up having multiple version on my machine for diffrent rom sets ie my SVC only works in .77 ms5 and ssho5 only works in my neomame+78 and kof2k3 only works in mame+lamer.78. good thing is my .77 works fine with everything else were .79 chokes on alot of stuff since i dont have the newer dump of certian games. Oh well I guess Im anal about it i have a .79 with everything enabled but since I dont have the newer dump of those games they wont run it it. So untill I can hunt them down im basicly I have to run 3 version of mame.

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