Wednesday, March 31, 2004

oh my god the new southpark ep is great.

"im not aurguing about the passion he's just a asshole" -Kyle

anyway I went out with J and m1 tonight we went out to Hooters it was cool our waitress was really nice and turned out shes a Geek also LOL. This week is making up for the ok bordering on crap week I had last week. It was just really boring compared to this week.

anyway thats all Im really tired so im heading off to bed early


Tuesday, March 30, 2004

this is pretty damn hysrerical Carnal Knowledge for RPG games

heres some of the funny parts


Female characters are cursed with The Bitch Rule, so how can the
males be equally punished. Well, at long last, it's here. The Rack
Critical Hit Chart.
"Rack" is a term that refers to a shot to the groin. As most guys
will tell you, a hit to the body or face is invulnerably more welcome
and less devastating than a blast to the crotch.
The rack can either be a called shot to the groin, part of a
normal critical hit chart, or (to get more use of it) if the attacker
rolls five higher than the necessary to hit roll (modified or natural),
it is now considered to be a rack.

The rack chart is as follows:

0-70 Man drops weapon, clutches privates, and loses next 1d4 rounds
of initiative.
71-80 Man is blinded by tears and cannot defend or attack for the next
1d6 rounds.
81-90 Man is stunned for one round and then goes into a berserker rage
for 1d10 rounds. Rules for berserk rage applies.
91-95 Man's voice is permanently altered to 1d4 octaves higher,
dropping his charisma by 1d4. Also stunned for 1d4 rounds.
96-98 Man is permanently rendered impotent. Stunned for 1d6 rounds.
99 Man loses consciousness for 1d10 rounds. (System shock roll can
be made at -50%, if successful, man is only unconscious for 1d4
00 Man goes into shock, no save, and dies. All men within a viewing
distance must make a constitution save at -5 or they clutch
themselves and remain stunned for 1 round.
nothing much going on just browsing around on Text Files.com a collection of BBS files from the early 80's to middle 90's ok so I was feeling nostalgic to my jr high/Highschool computing days.
Having a case of Writers block on fleshing out some of my characters oh well I really got to start carring around a note pad to write down ideas that flash into my brain.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

since I told eliza i would post it theres the song from the south park "anime" episode

South Park Ninja Song

and the Translation courtasy of my cousin Jin.

"We are splendid penis boys,
we even have hair on our balls,
the sound of that is "sarubobo"
There are ninjas here.
hey hey let's go, we fight
something real important, protect my balls,
I'm bad, so let's fighting, let's fighting love

This song is kinda stupid
it doesn't make any sense
my english is all messed up, that's okay
we do it all the time"

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My blog Pornolized

second link removed apon req sorry
I decided to come up with a Grown up Version of Kana

Young Kana can be foundhere
this is some funny shitEvangelion Redeath Parody dub It has me cracking up like crazy

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Niiya your scaring me.

maybe i have a twisted sense of humor but some some reason I crack up everytime I sneak up behind sp someone with the cleaver in Manhunt and then pick up there head. Then later on throw the head to distract a guy so I can sneak up and kill them or sneak by them.

Yeah its distrubing but it just drips with black humor.

Monday, March 22, 2004

My Ps2 collection seems to have doubles in the last week or so.

Games I currenty Have

Guilty Gear X2
Twisted Metal Black(new this week)
Manhunt (new this week)
Socom US Navy Seals and Headset (new this week)
Kingdom Hearts

and a network adaptor.

Socom is fun online even thu im getting my ass kicked.

Friday, March 19, 2004

I went to the movies today with Niiya and we saw "Dawn of the Dead" It was really scary but thankfully Niiya was there with me so I wasnt that scared"
Found on SomethingAwful Imaginary Girl Friends

I got a great laugh out of the site all I can say is Nothing makes me feel better about my self then knowing that theres people lower in the shame scale then me

heres some of the descriptions

Age 19
From Ann Arbor, MI

Imaginary Girlfriend Service:
Personalized Letters Photos E-Mails
Online Chat Phone Messages

I am 19 years old, brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'7". I am attending college for my teaching degree.

As my pretend boyfriend, you will receive from me a personal letter every week. With the first letter, I'll include four pictures of me. In the letters I will talk about how much I miss you and tell you what's going on with me at school. Letters will be on cute stationary, and handwritten of course. I can do E-mail online chat and phone messages as you request them! I'm currently unattached so I have plenty of time to be your imaginary girlfriend.

Price $45 per two month period.

To choose Amy as your Imaginary Girlfriend,

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Tonights Southpark Park is really funny.
They did the Ninja scenes Anime Style. :-D

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Zohar Emulator? anyone got any roms for it :-D

sorry bad Xenosaga joke.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Beware of the ides of March.
Its lifes agien Its alive i tell you the machien is alive mahhahahahaha.

Well I just got back from frys and my machine is alive and well agien thank god they didnt charge me to install the mb and it turns out my Power supply was a ok.

well back to cathcing up on my downloads.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

DAMN it my uber machine is toast. Went to a Lan party yesterday stareted it up and smoke yes smoke started coming out the back so we of course turned it off. Well Turns out my MotherBoard blew a capaciter and and fried out. Took it in to SWS to have the techies look at it to confirm what was wrong since we didnt know excatly what blew. Apperently something surged real bad and blew my MB. so Now i need a new MB which luckly i have under the no bs bring it back and get a new one warrenty. since i paid for that. But I need a new PS since I dont have a extended warrenty on that. Oh well. I hope my drives are ok. They should be but im not sure yes.

Oh well been a hell of a day im going to watch some tv.


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Jr. from Xenosaga kicks ass that is all.
Niiya's Auctions

Niiya Added some more stuff to his auctions a couple days ago check them out please.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well i had a ok day today.
Went Golfing with my dad and becouse the course was kinda packed ended up playing with this guy and his 7 year old daughter who's was learning how to play. Sadly she kicked my ass. Of course I havent gone golfing in a month or so and I am essently a begginer as well.

anway thats it for now.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Man im tired been a long day got done with my criminal law test I think I aced it. Then went to the post office to drop off some packages of stuff I sold on ebay. Like I said will try to add more this weekend. then Went to Best buy and picked up Memories on dvd its a great anime movie if you get a chance get a copy and also finnaly got a copy of XenoSaga its now a greatest hit. Ill probly start playing it tonight. course I already now most of the plot from watching friends play it and such. "rabid fangirl mode" Chaos is so cooooolll ....... "end rabid fangirl mode" Gah i hate Kosmos way to much fanservice give me Shion with her sexy office lady walk anyday. anyway im going to go play it so till later

Well today has been a slow and boring day so far had a test in history 102 I feel I did well (couldnt remember one of questions thu but everyone else I feel confident about. And in about 45 minutes I have a test in criminal law thats a scantron (multiple choice) and I know the material fairly well since its just a overview of criminal law as a whole not specific statues (such as what is rape vs according to Az statue _______ what is rape) anyway Thats it for now. Godai-kun is back in town for his weekly break from truck driving so after class ill be heading over to his place so ill probbly add more to my auctions tommrow when I get back from school. Oh yeah I got the Alice in Wonderland dvd a couple weeks ago finnaly got around to watching it last night before I went to bed was messing around flipping thru the sub and audio tracks and watched it in french with English Subtitles. The French Dub was acctly very well voice acted. Its was fun to watch Alice with a french accent for some reason it just fit even thu in the original story alice is english. I love Alice in wonderland its one of my favorite storys but you cna probly tell by my love of EGL/A fashion which is based on victorian style of clothing with a heavy dose of Alice in wonderland Cuteness. Which reminds me I need to get my EGL books back from a Zara(sp?) well hopefully she remembers to bring em to the next T.A.S.S. screening. oh well i got to get going soon so till next time


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Niiya went to bed early tonight becouse he has 2 tests in school tommrow. I hope he does well since that would me Happy. Niiya said he will probly add more items to his Auctions some time tommrow or the next day. Kana's feelin tired to so is going to head off to bed Good night everyone .

Monday, March 01, 2004

Niiya helped me make a blogger account and is allowing me to post to his blog :-) Im so happy.
I just to say to all the people visting this page to look for ROMS and Emulators there are none here so please go away.
But since your already here is a Shameless plug for Niiya's Auctions Buy something so Niiya wont be poor.
Niiyas Current Auctions

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