Thursday, April 29, 2004

ah yes /. has another article on east vs west in this case why some games bomb over there when they make oodles of cash over here. I always get a kick over some the stereotypical comments nothing like people making generiled stereotypes about a culture there not part of there for Will not understand and of course theres some posts I find really funny like this one.

"United States of Japan (Score:4, Funny)
by djcreamy (729099) on Thursday April 29, @02:55AM (#9004800)
Maybe we in the United States are a bunch of closet serial-killers due to the violent, malicious video games we so actively enjoy....

...but look at their hentai. Have you ever seen bodily fluids used (and reused) that way? Do all girls wear those uniforms? Should cartoon figures really do *that*???

I'm torn between rejecting the Japanese altogether or forming the United States of Japan where the best of both worlds collide in an all-out FPS blood sport of bukkake and tentacle rape. Who's with me?"

My take on of al the violent video games I ever played except for Manhunt The japanese take the cake on Violence. Rape sims anyone Im sorry being able to lop off a guys head and carry it around like in Manhunt doesnt hold a candle to some the sick and twisted Brutal Bishoujo games that are out there(ie Pigeon Blood, Seek,School Sodom) , of course on the grand scheme of things there not multi millon selling copys but neither was Manhunt (as far as I know atleast) If youve been around me enought youve probly heard me say one of my favorite lines to make sense of Japan's semesly never ending supply of "WTFnessed fetishs and weird twisted subcultures. Pretty much it goes "In japan whatever your kink is theres bound to be someone that caters to it from Z cupped dickgirl dominatrix's to Necrophilic lolicon its out there somewhere you just need to dig enough" Japan just seems to be more open about it of course not being Japanese I wouldnt know just my take on it. The last 2 years or so of being on broadband and scouring the dojin and anime game newsgroups has futher proven my point just the other week someone was posting some dojns with one of the crazyest subjects for the msg header ive seen in a while im doing this from memory so it might be off (those in paraphenes are my explanation) " title BB(big breast) some L(lolita) DG (dick girl) crazy dead sex :/? " only grabbed the NFO file thu. Just when I think id seen it all something new pops up.
I think i develped a pair of cast iron eyeballs when it comes to these so far I bet theres a limit and hopefully it stays far far away from me. Also of course Real Life and images are 2 diffrent things. Im tired anyway so most people reading this will be like huh umm ok whats the point. So off to bed and dream land.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

well today was the last day of Criminal law confimred I was im going to get a A (since we got our final test back and I was able to total my points).

Game of the moment :Z Daemon DOOM over the internet with some nice tweaks (mouse look etc) oh yeah and Capture the Flag. Nothing like running into a room of a enemy base with a supershotgun spin the corner and "BOOM" you smoke a couple guys snake the flag and hopefully get the hell out of dodge. Its so much more frantic then the new crap coming out these days. I guess it go to show my age quote of "Graphics Alone do not make a game great " *cough*Most newer games *cough*

Well once agien I am the only one here. got 2 folders scanned in so far which is a slow tedius pain since the scanner im using only takes one page in at a time. Atleast I have my huge database of fansubs and mp3's on my extrenal hardrive so I can feed the scanner on then watch some stuff whilst its scanning.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

insert rant here

crazy ass enternaing link o the evening

crazy and funny shockwave

and of course this one
I like ......make your speakers are all the way up XP

note to self I need to sketch up a descripe for my Shadowrun Character.

anyway on to your not so regular schedulaed blog post:

went to Tass Yesterday had to leave early cuz i Had some stuff to work on for school
Ended up going over to M1's since I needed to take a load off my mind about stuff and Didnt feel like going home. Played some ShadowRun. Got a terrible nights sleep thu(COOOOOLLLLLD apartment) So I got up around 6:40 or so packed my stuff up,left a note and headed home.

in other news screw LIVEJOURNAL long live Blogger we get Gmail Beta Acess so :P

well thats about it for now.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Man class today well technically yesterday was awsome. I know this is really morbid but I found it fucking hysterical. on of of the suicide notes I was reading(they had a binder with a huge completion of them) "ps: if there is a afterlife im going to be pissed" I know I shouldnt laugh but it is funny. who would have thought a day full of slides of heads blown off,limbs severed and bodys in varius states of decompinsation could be so educational. I learned alot to. well thats it for now. Mike1 came over tonight and im about to head of to bed since im exhuasted (running on 5 hours of sleep and I finaly refound my bag o lace so i got to get up tommrow and work on a costume.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

words of wisdom from /. e:
On romance and video games (Score:5, Funny)
by Profane MuthaFucka (574406) on Thursday April 22, @03:18PM (#8942086)
"Better the hand you know than the hand you don't" is what I always say. If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

The Playstation here is categorized as excercise equipment, as long as the controllers are manipulated virorously for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

lol I had to start cracking up since I finnaly got around to picking up MGS:2 sons of Liberty (the non substance version as this was only 8 bucks.(8 bucks for a excellent ps2 game cant beat that)

well tommrow is the day ive been waiting for all month "Medical Death investigation Seminar"
its going to kick ass and take names. And I also get 25 points of extra cred for my AJS class which will then give me a A *Cajun voice* "I garuntee"

well shit I seem to have misplaced my bag 0 lace I dont know were the hell it went I just had it last night damn it im kinda bugged now. oh well Im pretty sure I can throw something toghter with my cool new boots I got today and my new l33t h3ll0 k1tty w@rez p1r8 socks :-D of course i think my boots will cover the kitty on the side :( oh well. Ill manage to cook something up I always do.

in other news I did found some really crazy refereals to my site heres some of the more bizzare

"sleeping with my little sister"
"crossplay photo -porn"

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well my mom finished making my Ririsu hat of course since the base witch hat has kind of a cowboyish bend to it hopefully I can get it to flatton down since its sopposed to be Ririsu Image like that also mine isnt as wide of a brim but she said if I wanted to we can make another one for Expo from scratch this was more of a prototype. I should have a image up soon. I cant find my skirt I know its somewhere in my room so ill be wearing my bondage pants instead of the skirt. Also since I found my bag o lace I can work on modding Kana's Dress and makiing the shirt for Ririsu(ie modding one of my dress shirts) shouldnt be that hard since im confident my very limited level of sewing should be able to handing adding a basic stitch to attack trim. Of course we do have the cosco Sized box of Band Aids. lol

anyway ill be probly blog somemore later


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

note to self make sure memory card in slot one is the offical ps2 memory card is in slot one.

Beat Fatal Frame 2 last night with the "good ending" "yes virginia it is possible to not get the bad ending automaticly on easy found it out by accident then I checked a FAQ to see how to get the bad ending so when I play thru nexttime I can get it " anyway I didnt notice I had my 3rd party memory card in slot 1 so I saved my game. Went back to play it just now as im taking a small break from reading. and boom corrupted save. "FUCK" atleast I had my old save in the begining of chapter 6 saved on the offical card which at the time I thought was the one in slot 1. anyway I yank the 3rd party card and now have it sitting in a safe place and will not be using it anytime soon.
no remember 3rd party memory cards SUCK I only got mine since it came with my Action replay which i only use to cheat in games I eaither A) already:beat or B) the game has been spoiled for me and im just running thru to see all the plot my self instead of someone ruining it for me ie Xenosaga(Thanks alot Buzzard)
Hard just posted a new Sexy Losers Just when I think Hard cant push the boundrys of "WTF" he manages to pull it off and keep me laughing.
Hard rocks Long live Hard I hope the sexylosers book works out (05 or so irc is what Hard guestimated)

having a decent day Mike1 finnaly shows up agien apprently he had some personal crap he had to deal with oh well work is slowly getting down
Mike 1 rules he showed me a internet relay for TTY aka TTD the following was mike1 dicking with the clerk at a "Smoke shop" of course all know its really a "Head shop" since "water pipe = bong"


OPER: Oklahoma City USA why q ga
OPER: Hi! Do you have bongs q ga
OPER: Okay, well.. I want a glass bong pls ga
OPER: ok
OPER: &nbs
OPER: Okay sorry about calling it a b*ng, what color tobacco water pipes do you have, sweetiekins q ga
OPER: Okay, do you ship to chekoslaconriad, iraq q ga
OPER: DO YOU ship to chekos-la-conriad in IRAQ (speaking to them slowly like they're an idiot) q ga
OPER: bong bong bong (shouting) bong bong bong (screaming) BONG BONG BONG BONG BONGGGG!!! (kissing sound) GA

for some reason my innner Jr high student found that incredably funny

The items in Paraphenses dont get talked by the operator.

Monday, April 19, 2004

I played pool with Niiya and some of his friends tonight. Poor Niiya he accidently hit the 8 ball in and I won :). oh well.

Felling alot better J finnaly showed around 1:30 or so and we did some more work, headed over to the UoA played some DDR and walked around.

I guess I just needed to get outside and get my mind of all the shit I had to deal with last week.

was reading on Eliza's LJ(I am not posting the url) about bad fanfiction well I remembered some trully bad fanfiction I read way back in highschool
and managed to track down the website for the auther who M.S.T.ed them and the MST dates back to then since I remember them as well

well heres the URL Bad fanfiction MSTed

ah the memories I wonder if I can find the really bad fanic i wrote of course it was ment to be bad. damn it seems to have purged it self from the internet.

here I sit in the office only one here. Trying to get what little work I can get down by self done. Feeling kinda down oh well. Ar15.com Is still down arrg there goes my time killer for when I get home hopefully it will be back up when I get back.
Ran out of DVD cases last night (the hundred pack i thought would last alot longer ha who was I kidding since I grabbed almost everything I could get my hands on) I need to order some more blanks and cases when I get paid hopefully I will have enough since ive been putting 1/2 of my pay away each week for Expo as previsly mentioned. I hope I can get enough cash I probly will since I still have alot of stuff sitting in my "box o put this on Ebay" the box I put all the misc stuff I found cleaning out my room I dont care about anymore such as Manga I stopped bothering with getting and some misc other anime related trinkerts I got God only knows how long ago or electronics i dont use very often as I used to. If I didnt need the money I would just donate them to the T.A.S.S. Raffle.

well thats all I can think of and i better get back to work so cya
this just popped on the net radio feed im listening and it the best damn song "End of Evangelion : Komm susser Tod"
everytime I hear that song I have EoE flashbacks all those Rei's and people turning into goo, One of my favorite songs from Eva

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Good anime this season

Tenjou Tenge: just watch it ok

Sensei no Ojikan: Like Azumanga but more crazy Come on the teacher is 27 but looks like shes 9 hillarity insues.

Monster: Something Evil lurks under the surface of this show but there not letting on just yet still in the building up the plot phase but based on the OP and the Revolation Quote in the first ep its going to be a really good show.

Le Portrait de Petit Cossett: a OAV or so ive been told but a good Gothic creepfest and its got a EGL main character :-D

Ragnorock the Animation: the way a RPG based on a game should be. The character classes are represented they use items they run out of MP. they make reference to party levels. Oh yeah the plot ummmmm still not there yet as of ep 2 since there just intruducing everyone now. I suggest giving it a couple eps before deciding to stick with it or not.

Shows continuing from last season that im watching.

Full Metal Alchamist: Keeps getting better and better each episode.

Naruto: 79 eps and going strong not for everyone but its very rare I stick with a show this long.

Game of the Moment: Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly: almost at the final chapter then I can go and play mission mode and unlock stuff, then replay the game and unlock hard and nightmare mode

Alternating between that and Socom US navy Seals been playing Socom online since its on a console everyone is on a level playing field speed wise. So i dont get p0wn3d every match.

I dont know but im ever trappeded in a haunted village im capping the slow poke whos keeping me from getting the fuck out of dodge and running the hell out of there.

that is all.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

"fighting for freedom on land see and air Gi Joe is there"

somone was posting the ISO's to GI Joe a while back I finnaly got around to the first one tonight so im feeling Nostaligic and am watching it.

COBRA = the Conformist for the masses with only the leadership being unquie individuals
with GI JOE being the non conformist individulisitc forces .

and of course magicly everyone bailed out in time and no one died.

The baroness is still hot thu :-D.

GO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Niiya's not here as hes off in the corner mumlinbg something about withdrawels as it seems the weboard he is on is closed for upgrades well I better go comfort him.


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

one hell of great day.
Went to work got almost done with sortying thru all the files played some UT2k4 got my ass handed me to me at CTF. but on Instagib on morpheus i did very well. Should be going over to Smiths tommrow and dropping off a ton of anime and ripping the rest of kenshin :-D. Also after work I me and J went to play some DDR. damn J is just simply infucking credible at times to watch play he got a 629 combo on Challenge mode! I was like come on man you can do it 300 300 then ok your there 400 400 and so on until 600 come on man you can make it 700 700 booom failed. of course he had been playing some pretty hard games just before. I bet J would have made it if he wasnt practly exhuasted before. It was like DAAAAYAAMMM. In crossplay news my mom said she should have my Ririsu(from yamibo) down this week I cant wait then all i need to is dig my mini out of the closet and mod my dress shirt by adding some lace and of course shave/nair my legs (oooh smoooooth if it wasnt such a pain id leave em shaved ) oh well.

Monday, April 12, 2004

I got to remember this line "Rather than to engage further political dialogue with someone who clearly didn't know her twat from a tackle box"
posted on This thread

and also

This was to funny not to post a conversation between me and a friend

(21:42:01) mghall2: id so be tapping (like im telling you) if i got the chance
(21:42:17) mghall2: *tap* *tap*
(21:43:14) Rueben: heheh no its *tap* *tap* *bam**bam**bam**bam**bam**bam**bam*
(21:43:30) mghall2: *squirt* *squirt*
(21:43:46) mghall2: "you dont always have to fuck her hard cuz some times thats not right to do"
(21:44:15) Rueben: thats why it was a *bam* instead of a *BAM*
(21:44:18) Rueben: :-d
(21:44:25) mghall2: lol

A vent/gripe by Niiya's (edit following post is a slight vent/rant as is not intened to be a attack on anyone any resemblence to any people is not intended. List in no paticular order as well) : Niiya is dictacting this to me since hes didnt want to type something he didnt mean to say in a fit of annoyence.

1:If someone screws up the title # in a series and then gets yelled at after admiting there mistake and correcting it When theres 5 or so titles in a series and there all named series # your bound to get one confused with another.

2: "you cant use that term" Niiya can use whatever term/slang he feels like who cares if it doesnt literly fit.

3: "You dont need one of those" We dont need alot of what we buy buzz off about it ok its my money.

4: "Keep your (explixative deleted) Obbesessions to your self aka drooling fanboy/fangirl" I dont (explisative deleted) Care!!!,
we all do this to some level I know I do this to sometimes if you dont care please kindly tell me so Im just getting tired of people that dont listen when asked to kindly change to subject. (edit Agien see the warning at the top of the post as this is a general gripe and not anyone in paticular).

5: "l33t speak": its old get over it, It was funny the first time when Megatokyo did it but now your beating the horses bleached crumbling bones.

6: "Peoples Sex lifes": What you do in the bedroom is none of my business please keep it that way.

7: "Religion": both sides of the debate would get along so much more better if they just agreed to disagree and left each other alone(this also goes with #6)

8: "Continueing the war on Drugs": The war on drugs is a crock only reason it will never go away is becouse of the amount of money involved in keeping it illegal on both sides of the debate the .gov(at both the local and federal level) is rolling in funds they get from it (ie fofituere of assets and all the tax money they get) the dealers dont want it legal there profit margin would drop like a rock overnight since there need to exist would cease to be if one could go to to a 7-11 show some ID and walk off with a perfectly legal substance oif known purity. But this simple gripe could easly turn into a 25+ page debate on The weboard I am on ar15.com so ill just end it here.

9: "people messing with my computer or telling me what I should be running" It works fine for what I do leave ok leave me alone about it . I dont let anyone touch my Computer but me Ive had to many things go wrong with someone messing with a setting "no its not just you xxx " (This person knows who they are) Ive had it happen a couple of times.

10: OK no one has said anything about this yet but I bet someone is thinking it so what I created a character and then gave said character a blogger account and then pretend to post as said character. Who cares its all in good fun I dont belive I am mentioned character and Its perfectly normal to have a healthy active Imagniation. Of course I could just be paraniod and am just mentioning this to get it off my mind but we will never know which I guess this plays into the next gripe and probly if I was listing these in a order other then when I think of them would be #1 (bold and Italic)

11: like mentioned above probly the most major annoyense "People Over anayalzing everything"
"show xxx is so dark becouse *person then procides to ramble on with 30+ layers of B.S. of added meanings that they pull out of there ass*" thats just one example I could think up more but the basic jist is people reading into stuff thats not there.

12: "Outraguis BS a.k.a " Look at me I got xxx and you dont": I think everyone knows someone like this there secret acess to special sites they wont show you becouse only they know about them or anything "only they" can get access to. and then wont procide to back up there claim with hard data. Ie a unnamed indivual some friends of mine know works claims to work for "major tech company" and has "access to alpha software and beta testing hardware" but when pressed to show evidence wont show said hardware or software. My BS detector went off so high i had to take it into the shop to get fixed the next day.

(edit by mike:
thats the main ones the others are more of indivduale things id rather deal with a one on one with that person in private versus the broad and generalized things had Kana post for me.)

well thats the end of Niiya's gripe

I have go to class so bye everyone

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Went to Tass had fun. Met some cool new people played a little Fatal Frame II got semi caught up with the community game couldnt go tonight thu. not much else going on in life. Started a Con/Gun fund I need atleast 400 for Anime expo and 400 for Yaio Con thank god expo is in July and Yaio Con is Cctober. so anything after the initial 800 is going towards my post sunset splurge on buying lower recivers to turn into "Sport Utility Rifles" Plan to build up a Underfolder AkM clone and a m4orgery with sound supprsor. I also want a suppressed p22 and a Can for my 1911.Since im making a 100 bucks a week and putting 50-75 away each week I think I can easy have enough by the time the cons roll around since there the big expense the guns arent going anywere anytime soon. anyway im going off to watch some anime then im going to bed.

Stolen from a nfo file i had on my Hdrive

Program Reality_Check;

MinAge = 18

Leecher : you;
Age : integer;
Right.wing.religious.nut : boolean;
File.name : string;

Function Download (File.name)
open (File.name);
reset (File.name);

While (not (eof(File.name) ) do
Read (File.name);
close (File.name);

Begin (* Main *)

if ( (Leecher = Yes) and (Age > MinAge) ) then
if (Right.wing.religious.nut = FALSE)
then Download (PuniPuni)

Thursday, April 08, 2004

man today is starting to be one hell of a day.

Wake start messing around on the computer mom knocks on my door.Mom: "Mike theres a promblem with your beer it blew up" me : "WHAT!!! your kidding right" Mom: no come and look. so I get up look in the spare bedrooms closet and sure enough the 5 gallon jug kabloomed glass everywere partly brewed beer all over the floor :( I feel like crying 5 gallons of homebrew gone all gone.. oh well atleast the other batch is ok.

man today is starting to be one hell of a day.

Wake start messing around on the computer mom knocks on my door.Mom: "Mike theres a promblem with your beer it blew up" me : "WHAT!!! your kidding right" Mom: no come and look. so I get up look in the spare bedrooms closet and sure enough the 5 gallon jug kabloomed glass everywere partly brewed beer all over the floor :( I feel like crying. oh well atleast the other batch is ok.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I decicate this post to [L] because <[L ] rocks long live [L]
and remember if its manga [L] is A ok. Down with [BB] because [BB] sucks. F*ck [BB]

inside joke about warning tags in posts to alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.anime someone was fllooding with [BB] dojins and manga and another guy was like screw this and countered with a [L] flood

sorry had to edit it since it was thinking my tags were html tags :( whooops

oh well
i added some stuff to my site manly a couple links and a couple avatars i cranked out of OL kana and mistress Hiroko check it out link ithe site
OK since im tired of my friends asking me who I would be willing to ask out. I decided to post it but theres a catch *GIANT EVIL GRIN* I encrypted it. Good luck cracking it *evil laugh*


Amazing how long a couple names becomes. I was tempted to put the reason why but im erroring on the side of caution just in case someone does manage to crack it .

I will deny all guesses even if one is right so dont bother asking. odds are you dont know any of these people anyway. Happy hunting

and now a joke

One day a guy dies and finds himself in hell. As he is wallowing in despair, he has his first meeting with the devil...
Satan: Why so glum?
Guy: What do you think? I'm in hell!
Satan: Hell's not so bad. We actually have a lot of fun down here. You a drinking man?
Guy: Sure, I love to drink.
Satan: Well you're gonna love Mondays then. On Mondays that's all we do is drink. Whiskey, tequila, Guinness, wine coolers, diet tab and fresca... we drink till we throw up and then we drink some more! And we don't worry about getting a hangover, because you're dead anyway.
Guy: Gee, that sounds great!
Satan: You a smoker?
Guy: You better believe it!
Satan: All right! You're gonna love Tuesdays. We get the finest cigars from all over the world and smoke our lungs out. If you get cancer - no biggie, you're already dead, remember?
Guy: Wow... that's awesome!
Satan: I bet you like to gamble.
Guy: Why yes, as a matter of fact I do.
Satan: Cause Wednesdays you can gamble all you want. Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots, whatever. If you go bankrupt... you're dead anyhow.
What about Drugs?!?
Guy: Are you kidding? Love drugs! You don't mean...
Satan: That's right! Thursday is drug day. Help yourself to a great big bowl of crack, or smack. Smoke a doobie the size of a submarine. You can do all the drugs you want, you're dead, who cares.
Guy: WOW! I never realized Hell was such a cool place!
Satan: You gay?
Guy: No...
Satan: Ooooh... You're gonna hate Fridays.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Well during break today I whipped up a quick webpage in frontpage(yeah yeah I know Im lazy ok get over it)
for all my characters and other info Its very basic becouse i use the K.I.S.S. principal of web design (Keep it Simple Stupid).

More will be addes as soon as I get a chance.

So far only new Character isMistress Hiroko

anyway heres the main page Main Page


Sunday, April 04, 2004

Niiya showed this to me and i thought it was really funny so I decided to share it with everyone

Brawl breaks out at anger management assembly a.k.a. the defination of Irony.
Just got up was up till 4:30am playing Xenosaga also I found a really cheap way to beat Mintia atleast it worked for me. Since she counter attacks male characters by summing her pet that drains all but 1 hitput it just kept boosting Jr. and doing double tech attacks whenever I could. Hehhehehe since when she tried to drain him and he was already at 1 hitpoint she cant kill him with that attack and in case he did die i would just have Momo or Shion revive him. took me about 20 minutes to kill her thu but still I did it hehehe Now if only I could remember were I have to go to get Momo's first transformation since Irc I should have it by now. oh well thats what Gamefaqs.com is for. crap well after I rescue the town members i guess I got to go to back to the Gnosis ship well atleast it isnt that hard. and of course I already got 2 swimsuits so Jr or Chaos (depending whos in my partys at the time is going to be like a pimp lol since ill have Momo and one side and Shion on the other in there swimsuits) I cant really decide who to use thu since both my Chaos and Jr. are really powerfull. I guess it depends on what enemys im batteling since Chaos attacks just slice thru Gnosis like a hot knife thru butter and Jr's are great for slaughtering everyone on the screen at once.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I got fatal Frame II tonight and damn that game is creepy when people arent telling you "ah crap i dont want to go in there I remember whats there" I almost hit the ceiling a couple times. Its a combination of Music,Camera Angels and as much as I hate to admit it Graphics if this was on ps1 it wouldnt be nearly as scary.

Of course I have to pay J back for game but damn it was worth it I cant wait till a week from techinally today cuz hopefully ill be caught up to were Eliza-oneesan and Tad-Oniisama are so then it wont be any spoilerific background dialogue going on like last time of course that was also partly me and Dans fault for cracking jokes early on. oh well shit happens of course im probly not going to get much sleep tonight LOL
ill probly go watch a boatload of anime instead. Since I think right now would be a good time to quit playing just got the moonstone and saved and taking a break to check e-mail and crap.

Niiya spent the night over with some of his friends last night and I got really lonely Im going to give him a piece of my mind when he comes back later. Niiya no Baka.

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