Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Real Otaku Heros these are great

Thanks to the Spatula for him and his friends coming up with em.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Its Gravitation *cough* torrent*cough*

Thursday, June 24, 2004

owe my hand

I got like 4 freaking paper cuts on my right hand owe I hate paper cuts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Cars in the shop So I Didnt bother going in to work today.

well atleast My milage wont suck ass anymore and it will stop making noise.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Only thing I hate about going to the range is when I get done my thumb is sore from loading magazines. Oh well It was fun. And I left with more 45 acp brass then what I used. They guys next to me were shooting 45's also and just left there brass cuz they dont reload heheheh more Brass to use to reload :D there loss my gain. I need to get toghter with my grandpa when I run out of ammo. Atleast I got a 22 a couple days ago less then 100 bucks at Walmart XD score and with ammo being 500 rounds for 9 bucks I can shoot all day on the cheap.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Man today was a busy Day. Spent the day Shredding documents aka making Confetti its pretty fun. Hopefully Tommrow I can go the range its been so long.

well im tired I had a big long post planned but I dont remember what it was if I remember ill post it. anyway good night
Rules for Akon and anime cons in GeneralsSHOWER DAMN IT!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Stupid airlines dont know wth was going on today they made me check my carry on in zurich then when i landed in london I had to go back thru englands immigration then security rummaged thru my stuff asking "whats this" about practly everything in there"its my clothes and under that is a beer mug my relative gave me. Then they made me check it Agien when I went to the Washington D.C. grrr I was like oh man I hope US customs doesnt rummage thru it agien but luckly They just waved me on thru thank god to since I think I was over the limit on how much alchol you can bring in without having to pay taxes on it. You can bring back as much as you want but anything over 1 liter u have to pay taxes on My dad told me whatever left over money I had to spend it so I wouldnt get reemed on trading back in the currency so I went a little nuts in the Duty free store. Anyway then we were stuck on the tarmack for 3 fucking hours before we even took off for Phoinex. so my flight from Dc to az took longer then london to dc. Gah anyway im back im tired ill be at work later today so I can pick up my check and etc. Oh I did get a Legit Copy of Battle Royale special editin From the Virgin Records store in the airport 18 pounds around 30 dollers its the tartan r0 release so should work on all dvd players :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

at the airport in zurich got 20 minutes before we even start to board then im in london for a 3 hour wait then to Washington DC. then to phoinex come in around 830pm az time its not 6 48am here. oh yeah in munich i had 1 liter of beer in the havebrew huase ill know i spelt that wrong illfix it when i get back. well ill be back soon hopefully
Well I tried to find a internet station when i was in Munich Germany last nightwasnt able to . guess what was on tv last night. in this Order I watched Noir,Agent Aika, and Hellsing dubbed in German it was prettz funny and they were uncut to granted cit was 11pm to midnight when thy were on lucky bastards. So anyway here i sit at the hotel in Zurich on the night before I head home. god it will be good to be back home. this week has been exhuasting.

not much to say as i just got down walking like crazy trying to find a COOP (a grocery store like place) since my hands are really drying out and i forgot to pack some lotion. stupid deutsh keyboards and there switched around z and y. oh well atleast i can do this üè£ without having to hit any special key commands the euro symbol is on here somewhere but i cant get blogger to regonize it. oh well anyway i got to post this fast as i only got 4 minutes left on this surfpoint. oh yeah almost forgot local time is 7:09pm in CH.
I should be back at work thursday depenindg on how much I sleep on de plane.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Local time in switzerland is 9:50pm.

Anyway im at a local pay to use the net surfpoint thing so im going to keep this short as I only have 15 minutes left. Today we went to the Hr giger museum in Gryures(sp?) ill fix spelling later as this is a german keyboard and some of the keys are switched around. Today I had cheval(sp?) translation Horse meat it was really nice and tender aand of course my grandpa being the jokster that he is right as I stuck my fork in he goes Willbure crap i cant find the exclimation point or qoutes oh well illl fix this when i get back to the states or a us keyboard.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Anyway here it is 7:14am in london. Didnt do much yesterday except walk around then crashed in the hotel. around 2 we get on a plain for Zurich. Man I am so going to smack this machine around just sitting there waiting to connect to Aim Express. It shouldnt take this long.of course with my luck it will finnaly connect and no one will be on. of course if I rememer my time conversion chart it should be 11pm or so in Az and most of you guys are nightowls.
Greetings from good ole London England were the current time is 1:19pm. and I feel like im going to pass out at the keyboard in the exuctive floor lounge at the Paddington Station Hilton. Been on a plain for 12 freaking hours I am so running on E. just waiting for the hotel to get out room ready to that I may shower and change cuz damn I need a nice hot wake up shower. anyway hopefully ill update some more later depends on if i can get on the machine later.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

probly my lastupdate for a while as on Tuesday ill be on a plane somewere between here and London and wont be back till the 16th. Going to be in London for a day with my mom since our flight is a day earlyer then my Dad and Aunt Sabin's(well actly great Cousin but everyone calls her Aunt) since she goes back to switzerland every other year and this Year just happens to be a her 80th birthday so the Swiss Relatives are throwing a party/family gathering to celibrate on sunday. But good news is I get to go to the Museum H.R. Giger thats going to rock I love his artwork. Other then that I really dont care what we see Ive been wanting to go there since I was in HS. Ill be sure to bring back something cool from the Museum. Man im not looking foward to being in a plane for like 12+ hours and losing 9 hour due to the time zone changes blah. Oh well. If it wasnt for the fact that flights are so cheap now and were staying with relatives I wouldnt be able to go. Plus Its not the standard euro trip I get to visit the Motherland since Im 3rd Generation American. (Great Grandfather on my dadsside came over as a Civil Engineer in the 1920's.) See the family house and such. Also in london I get to visit the Family pub the one my greatx2 grandfather used to own irc. In other news hopefully we can shoot the scanners when were done with em maybe use some Tannerite on em heres a vid of 30 bottles at once over a case. I just want one bottle http://www.30mb.com/x/beltfed/30-tannerite.wmv Its alot of fun and perfectly legal and quite safe if one follews the directions and respect it ie a minumium of 100 yards between you and the tannerite. Its just like fireworks dont be a idiot and youll be ok.

as the main site says The minimum impulse energy required to initiate detonation of these binary targets is approximately (4.5. - 5.0 ft/lbs per u/sec). A .357 magnum produces impulse energy of approximately (1.3 ft/lbs per u/sec)

and a .357 inst something to sneeze at. anyway ill try to blog when im away but i Doubt it. CYa when i get back.
Hey J yes I did say Rod could borrow the PS2 since im not going to be using it anytime soon.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

What you want on your gravestone?

"I want a pay phone as my head stone, whenever you pick it up, there is always a voice that says "7 days".

I guess Im a workaholic as I did another scanning marathon. got to make up for not being at work Over AX plus i need the $$.

Not even that tired. I guess its cuz im a night owl.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

man Im tired I just finished scanning 1017 pages in one day. and ill probly go back and do it tommrow as I need the $. between AnimeExpo, Gunstock and Yaiocon.

heh theres a combo for ya Anime, Guns and Homosexual Anime.

In other news whoever is posting all the Teen Titans H to /l please stop there not Loli's

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I dont know but I think id actly pay to see this

[quote]Originally Posted By Javak:
The Ultimate Girl Fight: Japanese School Girls vs. Catholic School Girls.[/quote]

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