Saturday, July 31, 2004

Cant sleep. Witch kinda sucks since I got to get up early today since I got tickets to see Dick Cheney ..... YES THE VICE PRESIDENT!
I may not agree with everything this administarion has done but I couldnt pass up the chance to see the VP speak. Il post a after action report when I get back tommrow.

In other news I Finnly got my Character to eb a Acotlyle in Ragnorock. whoot Ill post a screenshot of her when I get a chance so if you see kanasan on loki say hi as its me.
Still on my 15 day trial still havent decided if ill stick with it yet.

also Finnaly got around to INstalling Countersrike since some of friends from HighSchool kept bugging me to install it so we can play toghter. Havent had a chance to get into a game with them.
But damn from the little ive played its seem to gotten away from the "OMG w@11 HAXORZ!!!" or "ha ha p0wned" atleast in the few games i got into. I did pretty well on a CSmilita game talking out 3 of the 6 Counterterriosts Ill admit it was kinda hard to go "HA HA Sux0rz I p0wn you" since I got 2 of em with the mac10 and one with my glock. of course i got kiilled becouse I forgot in CS you need to buy spare ammo *smack* duh* went to shoot the 4th guy and heard CLICK and essentaly was left with a empy gun and got shot before I could switch to the knife.Oh well. I tried some Day Of Defeat I dont like it Call of Duty is alot better Ive gotten spoiled by being able to hit the second mouse button causing my guy to aim using the guns sites hence beiing alot more accurate. plus being a newer game it just sounds better im used to listeing to certain weapons sounds and telling were a guys coming from and in Day of defeat they dont sound the same as what im used to so I think its one of my team. and end up getting shot the axis and allies guns sound to much alike. Compared to Call of Duty were a Garand sounds diffrent from a K98 Mauser. Of course I love it in Call of Duty when I pop around a corner and unload into someone after hearing there Garand clip go flying out signaling he needs to reload. Its great fun in DM. Of course also Call of Duty has more modes then Day of Defeat being a stand alone game instead of a mod and I kinda prefer that it gets boring captureing locatiosn all the time I like having the option of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Call of Duty is really Hectic espeicaly with Friendly Fire on. since you can just mindless throw grenades. well thats it for now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

man stupid Ragnarock online I just finshed a 8 hour game bing. Its alot of fun.

well the sun's coming up im going to bed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

You know what they call a quater pounder with cheese over in europe royale with cheese,

Finnaly got around to scanning my reciept from a mcdonalds in Switzerland
I just found one of the most hysterical sailor moon parodys Ive ever seen heres a torrent to itLingerie Soldier Papillon Rose OVA Ep 1 Its really funny ecchi as all get out but like I said its really funny. I swear its not Hentai but its Echii enough that we couldnt run it at TASS

here transformation yell "Rose Orgasm Power Erection"


Thursday, July 22, 2004

for some reason I found this really funny
[quote]Originally Posted By 10X:
[quote]Originally Posted By deadcat:
I love asian women.[/quote]

hahaha and your name is dead cat.... OK I guess I should go to bed now[/quote]

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I hate my cousins cat. I was trimming his weeds since they were like knee to waist high in area's and the damn cat got outside and jumped the fence and got stuck in a freaking bush. oh by the way said bush is near a Cactus and also said bush is near a dead plant with alot of thorns. also before I forgot me and J spent about a hour looking for the damn cat before we heard him meowing. Stupid cat. We managed to get the cat back inside and he luckly dindt get all scratched up ... unlike me (stupid shortss) anyway im tired and Im glad I wont have to deal with the cat and the other animals pretty soon since my Cousins roommate comes back to town saturday irc.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

damn im tired.

Got home at 3:30am. was at Nicks till 2am playing Gauntlet Dark Legacy. We beat the game I now have a level 92 Valkrie with 999 for all her stats. Fun game when u get more then one person playing it. To bad it was just us 2 would have been cool to have 4 people on it.
only reason I got home so late was I had to go check on my Cousins animals and since I was pretty close by I didnt want to drive all the way home and drive all the way back tommrow.

Long day fun as all can be im going to be ill be on later.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Well anyway not much going on with me. Im poor as hell and got a huge backlog of anime to watch probly sit down and burn thru it later today/tommrow evening. Atleast I finnaly got my own Domain took me a while to get off my ass and get one but I did. reg was only 5 bucks and my host is 10 bucks a year so 15 a year total ie dirt cheap. In other news I got a new DVD burner so I got my old one for sale 30 bucks takes it. its a 2x -r only made by pioneer. my new one is sweet 8x+r 4x- and a best of all a 40x cdr. I need to get some 8x+ media to test it out. oh well im tired so im going to bed cya all later

Sunday, July 18, 2004

blog moveing to

My Blogsee ya there

yes I am a guy and I do EGL.

The Felix the Cat Ive had since I was a infant. My mom helped me add the lace trim to the sleeves and make the Apron. Dress came from a thrift store. My Mom is such a great help. I need to make a headband and learn to sew. Theres so much great EGL stuff I want to make like a EGA outfit I can wear around since I only can do EGL and cons and Rocky Horror screenings :( damn it being a guy that likes EGL heh.

"Second best con moment was when I was wondering the Dealers room and this girl goes "Oh my god Felix the cat I love felix the cat can I get a picture" "me: sure ok" Her: "Oh my god its a guy I thought you were a girl" so apprently i make a semi passing look likea girl But im working on losing that weight last week i lost 3 pounds :-) anyway I hope you all enjoy the pic. please post comments

and also I finnaly found a pic of me at Anime Expo with this Kyo(SP?) cosplayer I hung out with on friday she was cool anyway anyway here we go.

sorry for the big post

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I just saw the Final Fnatsy 12 trailer and all i got to saw is damn it looks sweet. Finnaly a FF game I can get into the last couple sucked IMHO. 9 was cool I didnt like and I didnt bother with x2. Screw 11 since its pay 2 play. But 12 looks awsome. Not another crappy love story :-D

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Oops I almost forgot to post a shoutout to my fangirl friends I meet at ax 2k3
the one with the pointy cat ears whos friend was cosplaying a foxgirl? and we were hanging out listeng to that cool guy telling his old school storys both this ax and in 2k3. The best giant robot show "Big FU king!" lol anyway if u want my e-mail post a comment and il get back to ya. or look up my LJ id witch is cyrax777

Thursday, July 08, 2004

a brief cap of Anime Expo.

so much happened it was alot of fun anyway heres some highlights.

I got a sketch from the Creator of Raganorock. Im so happy. I got to get it framed so I can display it.
I got married well kinda. A fangirl was going around "marrying" cosplayers she was giving us all rings I still have mine .
anyway we all gave her our e-mail so we could keep in contact since she was fun to hang around.
She also has my first kiss XD
heres a copy of the e-mail well her reply to my reply to the basic shoutout to everyone e-mail her reply then my original under it I edited out the e-mail adress since im sure dont want to get spammed

"hehe I was your first kiss? cool ^_^ and the group pic? I have no idea... I gave the girls my email so if they have the pic they'll send it
to me then I'll be happy lol. Im glad you emailed me back... I thought I scared everyone off O_O

Your wifey!

From: cyrax777 <>
To: "Leiana Masamune" <>
Subject: Re: from your wifey! (be afraid)
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 18:27:45 -0700

I was the school girl Shuichi you stole my first kiss ^-^ lol did the group picture come out?

--Mike aka that guy in the fuku "

hopefully next AX we can all have a a husband Wife reuinion that would be really fun.

Ive been looking for pictures of me from AX found a handfull but i dont feel like posting them all as soon as I find more Ill rehost em on my cox.net account and post a index for em all. Most of em are from the Battle Royale Gathering. one from the EGL gathering and I have yet to find any from the Gravitation Gathering yet.

still tired ill post some more as I think of it.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Ax update soon
that is all.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

See ya at AX Everyone

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