Monday, August 30, 2004

Ever had one of those moments were your talking about somebody and there right behind you or otherwise could hear what ya said
well Jogn mcain certantly did Mcain slams Moore

I thought this was funny as hell.
dear god man that was screwed up
Elfien lied episode 5 was really fucked up. Its really a good Intense show.

Mayu and her step father before well look at the next screengrab
thank god thats as graphic as it gets
later on in the episode before she runs away from home
Wanta is stray dog she found later after running away form home this is shortly before Koata,Niyuu and Yuka find Mayu alone. so yeah she was 13 at the time

well of to school I go

Saturday, August 28, 2004

120% Seme
120% Seme

How seme are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh well guess im gonna have to start cosplaying as Yuki now.

and in other wacky quizness

wilting flower
Wilting Flower

What kind of girl do you want?
brought to you by Quizilla

all I can say is WTF?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I finnaly got a tv tuner/capture card. and I also found a POWERGLOVE!!!.

its so bad :P

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lets play some tetris Mother f***er

Found on 4chan

Monday, August 23, 2004

Your judgment shall be most harsh ....the 7th level of YAR!!!

that has got be my favorite ep of the brak show.

Friday, August 20, 2004

People in anime are morons.

take this for a example. Elfien Lied ep 2.

Spec. op types is fighting this girl with telekenetic powers. oh by the way her powers cant reach beyond to yards. so what does this idiot do instead of hitting her from long range uses what was either a mp5 or a g36 instead of snipping her ass with one of those new 25mm sniper rifles barrets making or tossing a grenade at her or something considering in the previus episode shes pretty much able to shrug off small arms like its nothing. Oh yeah the stupiditygtes worse later on he gets his armed ripped off, eyes gouged out pretty much "p0wned!" and this girl stumbles across him' are you ok are you all right . its like no shit of course hes hurt he just got his damn armed ripped off. I still like the show thu its great except for the occasianl moments of plot driven stupidity.

I love how screwed up this show is thu. Its great you get the classic dating sim style character designs combined with a super killing machine who thanks to a bullet lodged in her brain well for the most part infantacent (I hope I spelled that right) of course she does revert to said super killing machine so far only around the autheritys.

well just got down doing a clean install of win2k on my machine.

Running alot faster now. Was having tremendius slowdowns at times do to the overall amount of CRAP on my C drive. a ton of old dll's and other junk. Since pretty much the only other thing on C is my OS and a programs ie cd burner software and other apps. I just formatted it and reinstalled since I got all the important files anime and other stuff on sepreate hardrives. Makes it alot easyer and smoother. well im going to bed.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I swear its not hentai but damn "RE Cutey Honey" is great,

just got down watching.

Granted its been like what 8 years or so(back in jr high/high school irc) since I last saw anything cutey honey but from what I remember this is pretty much a spot on retelling with just updated animation and more zanyness.

I really like it they even kept the Opening song the same! its such a great catchy tune gets stuck in your head.... "honey flash"

man i need to break out my vcr and dust off my cutey honey tapes if I can find em.

Some of the jokes had me laughing like crazy SPOILER: Penis Man getting arrested then the other guy "Oh penis man is in trouble transform" Balls man has arrived" one of those crazy anime moments anyway im heading to bed

Monday, August 16, 2004

PlayStation 2 and Xbox skew heavily male, with approximately 88 percent being male and 12 percent being female

In other news, a study shows that 11.9% of video game players are habitual liars.
Been playing Ragnorock Online with mike1(Micheru) Jamie(Mightcrusher) lately on a privare server mike1 found its alot of fun

heres some screen shots of me or I just thought i was funny

ahhh Mightcrusher looks so cute with his hair ribbon sadly he took it off shortly after this was taken

taking a break resting a bit. this also has my lastest lvl info.

I so need to make a cosplay of her.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Was slowing down to make a turn and some Asshole rear ended me going about 20 or so and then sped off. My weekend is officaly in the toilet. Filed the Police report The Sherrif's deputiy and the Rural Metro guys were very helpful. But damn it now I have call my insurance and all that crap. And if they ever catch the asshole Im then going to have to deal with the court case most likely.

well atleast Im ok no pain or anything broken) and the car is ok as far as I can tell except a crunched bumper. The other guy got the worse of it ie from what I could see as they speed off his front hood popped and folded. Oh well hopefully tommrow will be alot better.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

more tidbits of insight and wisdom and really funny story form ar15.com

Originally Posted By lu380:
I'm a half-jew, and when somebody says something like "why does America get all the dumb Jews, while Israel gets the good ones?", I know in my heart that they're not talking about people like me. They're talking about the New York Seinfeld-types. And they would be right, too.

I was partnered up with a KKK guy for five months at work, and I got along with him just fine. He called me "stinkin' jew" like ten times a day, and I would just laugh at him and call him something back. No harm done.

I hate PC, so I go out of my way to call people names as much as possible. If they get offended, I won't be friends with them. If they laugh it off, we're cool. I have a friend from Iraq who moved here in '91, and I bust his balls all the time. Another friend is black and I call him all kinds of names all the time, and he fires back with "cracker" and "whitey". We were at a wedding and he was the only black guy there. Before the reception in the car, I told him "don't be talking to no white girls!". Five minutes later, he walked right in, and screamed "WHERE'S THE WHITE WOMEN AT?" in front of like 200 people! He didn't even know anybody there except for me and the guy who was getting married! Everybody there (all uptight whiteys) thought he was a cool guy and got along with him fine.

Let's stop this PC nonsense NOW! The people who scream about freedom of speech are the same people who invented political corectness in order to stifle speach. Let's not be like that!

[quote]Originally Posted By Dave_A:
Inferiority & Stupidity are PERSONALITY TRAITS...

Equally distributed across ethnic/racial lines...

Socio-economic lines, that's a different story, but still in the end, [b]morons come in all shapes, sizes, colors & creeds...[/b][/quote]

[quote]Originally Posted By bvmjethead:
Every single human being I've ever come in contact with in my 40 years on this rock has some level of racism in them.

[quote]Originally Posted By inzane123:
I love everybody. When it comes down to it, with a little seasoning everyone tastes like chicken. [}:D][/quote]

Monday, August 09, 2004

all i got to say is the new version of BNR2 witch would be .14 is really sweet I suggesr you download it if you use USENET.

BNR2.org ill probly hotlink this later as im lazy,

Friday, August 06, 2004

Red VS Blue Real Life VS the Internet to bad its quicktime

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Need Help finding this!:
only dojin I really really want is this one But I Cant find it and since dont know the name of the circle Its been a pain.

Something about a Maid with a PanzerFaust for a broom 8O

if anyone can help me with info on it I would really appreaciate it

Monday, August 02, 2004

Ok heres some screen shots I made of Doom3. Doesnt look that bad on my card.

Doom 3 screenshots

system specs are

p4 2.6
512 ddr 333mhz
Radeon 8500 128meg

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Wow its true Doom 3 will run on my crappy Radeon 8500 video card.

and looks pretty damn good to.

Got just a tiny bit of choppyness then I turned of the advanced effects option or whatever its called and it runs smooth as silk. I still want a better card thu ie a 9800 since i hate 640x480 but other then that it looks awsome. I was going get a new card anyway when i get the cash since mine is getting old. Atleast by the time i get the money the 9800 will be sub 200 dollers.

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