Monday, May 31, 2004

Show Us your ........ DESKTOP!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

/. moderation war on one of my comments its been modded down and up like 6 freaking times in the last 10 minutes.

Granted I did miss the part about the guy being in london but come on the he asked what

" So I would like to know what my fellow urban geeks do to try and keep their valuables safe while traveling with them."

Saturday, May 29, 2004

more strangeness from the land of the black rifle Ar15.com

[quote]Originally Posted By C-4:
There are times when you would like to delay the inevitable. It may be for purely altruistic reasons such as she's about to have her Meg Ryan moment and she [i]demands[/i] you stay hard, or it could be for selfishly intensifying your own orgasm. Whatever the reason, what do you think about to delay it? I need new ideas and I'm tired of the old Steve Martin standbys of dead kittens and old men in underwear.[:D] [/quote]

[quote]Originally Posted By rocketman223:
As far as I'm concerned it's a race and i'm in it to win...[/quote]

[quote]Originally Posted By cyrax777:
never tried it but I bet that stuff that numbs your teeth you can get at the grocery store would work wonders [;)][/quote] (Im pretty sure it would but a numb penis doesnt sound like my idea of fun)

[quote]Originally Posted By kpel308:
I just remember what Janet Reno looks like. Sometimes, though, this method may be TOO effective.

If things are getting too "close", sometimes I think of Madeleine Albright AND Janet Reno. I'm able to then hold off until some time the next week.
Works a hell of a lot better than thinking about baseball.[:D][/quote]

ah yes General Discussion Home of the funnyest and "WERE THE HELL DID THAT CAME from" discussions the usual dose of politics and gun shop talk.

no wonder ive been a user there for over 3 years.
and some great stuff from 4chan

Image of Sakaki and Chiyo chan standing toghter semi eechi

Nezumi 05/29/04(Sat)05:33 No.25705
Chiyo and Sakaki yay! >_<
They're so adorable together!
>> Anonymous 05/29/04(Sat)05:49 No.25714
you are faced with a choice to have sex with the one on the left or the one on the right.
>> Nezumi 05/29/04(Sat)05:58 No.25716
Wahh! I can't decide!
..it'd be illegal either way.. c.c
>> Crunchy Sarcasm 05/29/04(Sat)06:11 No.25724
some decisions in life shold not confront a man... like who would you save your mother or your lover, your son or your daughter. this is one of those questions :p

of course for me its a No brainer Sakaki all the way Chiyo is way to you but as Kimura Sensei says High School Is Highschool *_*

Posted on ar15.com on a thread about women and tatoo's

Originally Posted By bblake00:
Then again she could have Santa Clause tatto on one upper leg and a turkey on the other so that you can eat some pie between the holidays.[:O]

I just started cracking up apon reading that.
Niiya's not feeling well. I hope he feels better.

Kana is happy becouse he got her the Yukata she wanted yeah.
He also got me some Neopets Plushies from mcdonalds im so happy.
I cant wait for anime expo its going to be awsome. I cant wait to see what people think at the EGL gathering. I should have a new petticoat by then.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Mhmmm HappyMeals.

Finnaly a Happy meal toy I care about. Neopets mini plushies.
I have a confession I still smoke just not ciggarrets. Yeah i know i kicked ciggarets but damn smoking my pipe is going to be a hard habit to kick its so relaxing and Dunhill Nightcap is just so tasty and flavorfull. Nothing finished off a day like relaxing with a tasty pipe and a good strong ale. damn I now I shouldnt but its just so good. Now I know why my uncle smoked a pipe for 20 plus years and still does!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

International multi cultured evening.

I got russian music (tatu), American Beer(Stone pale ale) Cuban Tabaco( Romeo Y Julieta Cubana Cigar I had in my safe found it whilst cleaning figured might as well smoke it) Japanese animation (whatever happens to be the comp)

I think the neighborhood dogs hate me.

I just got a new airgun and well i load it up take aim at a empty coke can and *crack* *WOOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF* the dog behind us, next to us,a couple houses down and across the street erupt in a torrent of barking. well back to the spring powered one since that doesnt make much noise. And no i didnt hit the dog I made sure I had a good backstop and no way a richocet could go over the fence.

oh well.


cyrax777 is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


From Go-Quiz.com
In soviet Russia Package mail you!

I had to go to the post office to pick up a packege

and low and behold it was my Tatu cds I got off ebay from a guy in Russia. happy.

Tatu sounds so much better in Russian.

I guess this now brings my grand total of legit music to just under 10 cds lol

Monday, May 24, 2004

I was at Walmart with a friend and was checking out when I overhear some people discussing what caliber of ammuniton to buy for there gun since they didnt know what it would take. So I say Well what model of is it I know alot about guns maybe I know. So the female of the group tells her compatriot "just show him" so he pulls out the magizine for the gun and hands it to me. I think it was to a colt 380 pocket model since the magazine was stamped COLT with the Pony logo (ie not some cheap ass ghetto gun)
and I tell them so for the next 15 minutes we procide to talk shop about guns and our thoughts on varius calibers and such. It was pretty funny here I am a geeky white dude talking shop about firearms to a couple of gangsta's and they knew what they were talking about not the whole "gat be a 9 for everygun ever made" and all that Crap calling it by the proper terms, Magazine instead of clip. I asked what it was for and one of the guys said he just got his CCW pretty funny all around since most people would have thought they were just a bunch of punks.

Then the weirdness begans later on the way home from dropping Noel off at his place I pull into 7-11 and as im pulling in I notice the van thats pulling out is marked "TUCSON POLICE DEPARTMENT CRIME SCENE UNIT" I dont think anything of it until I notice im the only one in the 7-11. um ok thats odd So I get my soda and am standing infront waiting for a caisher no body so a couple minutes later I hear a noise from the back marked employee's only. walk over and say "hello" guy comes walking out apologizes for not being there since he was working on some stuff after the PD stopped by to get some coffee or something. It was just pretty creepy at first being the only one in the place for around 5 minutes right after a Crime Scene unit pulls out thougt I was going to find a blood stained area or somehthing lol. I guess I can understand it thu 10:30pm on a monday out in a not so busy part of town. Doesnt suprise me plus if there really had been a crime the place would have been taped off.

lol In other news I won the Yukata I wanted off ebay was just what I wanted and well under my price limit Kana is going to be so happy.

I had this terrible dream yesterday that
4chan was down as I wouldnt be able to download anymore images. Ok im g just kidding it really did go down but now it appears its back up.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

so tired.
I just got back from Frys with C-kun had a great time but im tired First time I made that drive. Just staring off ahead with a handfull of cars on the rode for a while then you catch up with anthor handfull of cars and traffic slows down from 85 down to 70 or so. anyway heres the specs for what we bought.

athlon 2500xp 1.8 ghz
350 watt power supply
512 meg 3200 DDR ram
ATI radeon 9600 128 meg(GRR I only got a 8500)
8X dvd DUAL recorder can do both + and - (I will be upgrading mine after AX hopefully)
120 gig hardrive.

well hopefully tommrow we can build it I am to tired to mess with it now and I really donw know what how to plug in everything just someparts of course its probly all the same but for the benefit of the doubt id rather have someone there to help me.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Well Today is the End of Sememster Gathering/potluck at for TASS at Tads. I wonder if we will finnaly break the cycle of having a bunch of Soda and little food or either a ton of food and little soda. I think this time we can do it Since Im bringing both soda and food. Well in other news Tommrow Im taking C-kun to Frys so he can finnaly build his Uber Comp. Thats going to be pretty fun. And Monday we can put it toghter at the office.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

On the coolness of my Mom. Well its offical my Mom is cool. Well I already new that thu lol. She said she would help me put the finishing touches on Kana's outfit ie finding a pettiecoat and apron Also she gave me a really cute cat mirror compact she found to go with the costume. whoot now alll I need is a better wig. but that depends on how much a Yukata is going to cost me Since I have a wig that will work just not exactly the way her hair should be. Now all I need is to find a Girl I know whos going to AX with us to Help me with my makeup.

I cant wait for AX its going to be sweet.
Hi, I'm rod!

Mike left work and left everything on and not logged out.
Btw, Jamie says he could have taken this opportunity to take revenge for "he'll know what I meant."
Please enjoy my post. Thanks!

Also, mike should take this quiz: MPAA Ratings Quiz I wonder if anyone can find mine... ^^;

mote to self make sure comp is turned off ---mike
The Rasterbator this is really fucking sweet.
take a image and make a really sweet poster. Its like a Giant Jig saw puzzle but it looks so cool.

Im just got down printing out Kana shes around 66 inches high and 34 inches wide and it going to look sweet hanging on the wall.
Crazy assed What the Hell idea of the day. Cosplaying as diffrent people form your anime club.
Not going to do it but just a wacky idea that popped into my head. I have no idea were that came from but I think it would be pretty funny. and a really bad Dojin name I just came up with.
Man I wish I could draw i would create it. Series .hack//sign Characters in it Tsukasa X Subaru name "Cum with me in the Twlight" I know its terrible very very terrible
Oh yeah im so proud of Niiya apperntly he lost 8 pounds this month.
Kana cant wait for anime Expo as Niiya said I could go XD
He also promised to get me a would a cute Yukata to wear to the con Im so happy
also Niiya said he would get me a petticoat to go with my dress so it looks cute and poofs out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Long live bittorrent.

I was just able to pull down a ep of Ghost in the Shell Second season in under 10 minutes. Whoot thats even faster then Usenet is most of the time. Well Im finnaly getting caught up on my backlog of fansubs. I just need to watch Monster 3-5,Ghost in the shell SAC 8,and Ragnarock 6 and ill be all coaght up with the shows im watching this season. well atleast to were the fansubbers are at.

Tounge Controlled Game Boy advance

Heh I wonder if they will be any homebrew Hentai games on GBA now
well now that im sober im midly sour stomached oh well I shouldnt drink late at night anyway my fault. all i had was about a shot I guess drinking on a empty stomach will do that to you. Oh well anywa had a nice sit down with my mom earlyer and told her what I was dealing with kinda a therapy season if you will. I like that about my Mom shes a good listener. Well thats all for now I got to get back to work.
This post brought to you by booze deal with it ok and no I wont delete this when i sober up I got ballz man balls!

Well I stopped smoking finnaly about 4 months ago I startes smoking god what a moron I am was stressed out like a mother fucker and started smoking stupidest thing I ever did. god damn it i want a smoke!!! but I threw away all my smokes thank god kids dont start smoking ok its really stupid I dont even know why i did. anyway so here it is almost 4 am im trashed and blogging I dont know why I cant sleep ok fuck off. Its a window into my mind. get to know the real mike. I couldnt sleep so I sleep so i slugged back a few shots of Jack and some absinthe(mhmmm the greengoddess so not only am i Drunk im really fucking lucid thanks to out pall mr thunjine see the vaults of erwowid for for more info on absinthe http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/absinthe/absinthe.shtml im to lazy to make it a link ill probly edit it later and make it so. since I dont care about this ramble ill leave it up. funny isnt it im intoxicated but I stil backspace and try to fix my spelling and crap. And for crying out loud please fucking post comments ok people. I mean jesus christ I could post something like "ill fucking kill anyone that doesnt posr a comment by noon xxx date" and people still wouldnt post jack. anyway shit on my mind. "all the Bullshit exuses I make on asking someone out" jesus christ I know i need to grow a pair and ask her out why the fuck cant I do it. I dont know maybe im scared of rejection no not maybe I know thats why. I finnaly fucking told Ashley I liked her why the fuck cant I say hey want to hang out some time. I dont know I Guess its becouse im afriad of having it ruining a friendship. Well Ashley if you read this I think your a great Women and I want to go out with you. I hope my ramblings dont scare her off thu. Why the hell cant I just say it I dont know I guess Becouse I am scared. Last time I asked a girl out we went out and it turned into a messy breakup granted I said something to her I didnt mean I later on appologized but it feels weird when ever I bump into Sherrie grantes its been almost a year sicne ive bumped into her and im sorry if I missplessed your name. I guess what I dont understand is why the hell I just cant be honest with myself at times and say "hey xxx want to go out" it took me over 4 damn months before I finnaly told Ashley Ashley I liked her. WHy the hell cant I ask her out I dont know why Im scared I shouldnt be I should just accept it if she just wants to be friends god look at me im crying now I dont know what to do. I really like her and all I told her so but I cant for the life of me ask her out. Why? I dont know. Atleast Rueben finnaly helped me come to terms with it and admit to my self I like Her and told her so.I dont know what to do Im so confused one part of me says just ask her out damn and another side of me says "well you dont want to fuck over a good friendship like what happened with sherrie" and then a third part of me says "Just go with the flow stay friends and if you end up going out with her so be it" I tend to agree with this part of me. anyway I dont know.atleast I was able to finnaly tell her I liked her. God im so pathetic at times. IN other news atleast my reacurrent nightmare showed up agien god damnm fucking thing I dont know why buy it keeps coming back I guess its all the crap im dealing with. if you know me you know what it is. god I hate that dream wake up in fright covered with sweat and I cant get back to sleep. anyway now that ive scared everyone off im heading to bed hopefully I can fall asleep this time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

dayam I did 7 hours of work today. 7 hours of sitting in front of a comp feeding a scanner. In 2 days i have scanned over 1300 pages. my eyeballs are hating me well im going to bed I need to let them rest.
Windows girls Shockwave


url fixed
heres another one Os Girls Pittan
If anyone has a mp3 of these let me know k
lol i just noticed the end they used the music from Xenofreaks

Monday, May 17, 2004

Oh my god I think I just turned into a fangirl.

I was reading Anime News Network and noticed hmmm new guest of honors for AX so I click on the games name and turns out Tomokazu SEKI did the voice for Shuichi Shindo in gravataion. I swear I couldnt help my self a fangirlish squeel escaped my lips. I know im a fangirl trapped in a fanboys body but that was scary. Im so jazzed now.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Oh thank god I can post on /. agien
I think they found out and nuked the fucker that was trolling.
What a great weekend.

First on Friday I went to see Troy with Rod and Jamie that was fun.
Then after that we hung out at Jamies and ended up crashing there for the night it was fun. Jamie had never seen Casino so we of course had to show it to him. Then on Saturday we watched my Saikano DVD since Jamie hadnt seen it and IRC Rod said he hadnt seen past around ep 2 or so. so afterthat I head out for so I can pay for my AX hotel room My bank account screams in pain well not really but it took about 1/2 of what I had saved but hey it wasnt for Mike1 helping me get hired at were he works I would have missed expo this year. Anyway bumped into Eliza and Jeremy which was confirmed they are in fact going out with each other. "Young man I own a .45 and shovel dont make me use em" Nah im just giving ya hard time you know that ok. also Ashley was there :D so I finally was able to tell her to her face I liked her god what a relief that was. I asked Ashley if she was going to be going to AX she said she might and then I asked if we could do a Gravatation cosplay group toghther me as Shuichi and her as Yuki well the exact words as best as I can remember Ashley:"I might be going" Me: "Cool Will you be my Yuki?" anyway Im happy of course. after that I headed over to Rods to hang out. After eating Dinner we ended up going over to Tads and hanging out till around 4 im the morning lol That tends to happen everytime I go over to Tads I end up hanging out to really early in the Morning. Ended up borrowing allmost all of Card Captor Sakura well all thats missing is the second Movie. So as soon as I can finish making a "off site backup" Im going to have a huge CCS marathon how much Lolicon can one fanboy take in one sitting how many "Sakura chan so cute" can I take before I shoot the tv we will soon find out in about a week or so since I dont have time this week to watch it all just make the backups. Im going to miss Tad when hes gone hes such a cool guy to hang around.
Oh well atleast in this day of broadband and IM's I can still keep in contact with him when hes in Japan.

this is pretty funny to Weeble and bob on Anime

Thursday, May 13, 2004

heads up on a cheap Region hackable dvd player there only 35 after rebate at bestbuy 40 without the cyberhome CH dvd 300

heres the code on how to do it I got the info from vcdhelp I can confirm it works as I just did it on mine. And it will even do system conversion between pal to NSTC and vice versa.

Region code hack posted by Andy, December 29 2003:

Just confirming the hack works with a CH DVD 300 bought 2003-12-29 at Wal-Mart Canada. The silver and black versions are stacked up together. At a tad less than $50 CAD pre-tax this has to be a bargain! The hack is trivial and the player includes the system conversion (PAL - NTSC).

Hack details:
Power up, no disk in. Status says READ then INSERT DISC.
Press MENU (status reads invalid key icon)
Press 1 (status reads invalid key icon)
Press 9 Menu is displayed.
Press ENTER on the region, digit turns to "-"
Press 0
Press ENTER again
Press EJECT to clear the special menu.

Ph3@r my elite dvd h@xoring!

well back to my Kanon R2's dvds with there l333t l@ck subtitles!!

ahh Shiori so cute *Hug* damn it I so want to cosplay Kanon now to bad I dont have mad sewing skills. oh well.

crap had this saved as a dradt thought I had posted it

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Someone is going to die
When I found out who the asshole is who was trolling slashdot on our block of IP adress. I know it wasnt me since i have a Karma rating of good. but anyway im reading a article decide to post a comment and boom i get this crap
"Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled" so mr troll be glad I the odds are I will never find you words can not describe the acts I would do.

Current Mood: pissed off

well crap I borrowed Mike1's playstation 2 network adaptor and it still wont work
"no hardware found" damn it so either his adaptor is dead or my ps2 slot is dead.

oh well im not going to mess with it. The only other games i want to playonline will work with my USB adaptor.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ON a happyir note since everyone is depressed about the previus post

e3 Zelda trailer When this comes out Nintendo will officaly own my soul. I didnt care for the graphics in Windwaker but the gameplay made up for that.
but its nice to see him back non Cell shaded. Heh I was damn now i have a urge to clean out my closet and bust out my NES .. I think I still have all the cables for it.

Since the media is to much of a pussy to air this
The infamous Nick Berg video The face of our enemy.
Warning extremly graphic and disturbing. Nor for the faint of heart but I feel people need to be reminded of the savagry of our enemy and why We are over there. This shows the diffrence between us and our enemy. We need to remove the problem the insurgants who are commiting these horrible acts.
oh yeah windows 2000 is one sexy bitch

The Operating System Girls

and Win3.1 looks like she needs a hug ahhh so cute.
thanks to Rod for showing me these.

damn it for some reason comments seem to be down hopefully thell come back soon.
Watching Band of Brothers on the History channel. Makes me want to go out the range and blast off some rounds thru my WWII vingtage m1 garand. Gah I hate being poor I have plenty of ammo but no money for range fee. Since what little money I have is allocated for Expo. and the cash I have on hand I need for Gas so I can get to work this week to earn more money. Oh well Ill probly go this weekend since I get paid thurday im pretty sure since this week since I put in 20 hours last week. I can spare the money to renew my membership at the range for another year. anyway the surving Homebrew is actly pretty tasty going to have a brew up another batch when I get a chance.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Im fucking hate Sony. I just rented Syphon Filter: The Omega strain for PS2 as a try before I buy. and the damn thing wont let me get online to play says "no network adaptor found" Bullshit theres a network adaptor on there a USB one. so im like ok maybe i just have it plugged in I check my cables everything is plugged in. "no network adaptor found" arrrr I know its not my connection since i was downloading on my pc at the time. umm ok maybe my adaptor is dead so i pop in socom and see if I can get online. well thats not it it connects perfectly and works fine. So im reading online and apperntly im not the only one. Seems the bastards made it so it wont work with anything but a offical ps2 network adaptor. Hopefully I can borrow Mike1's since he doesnt have broadband and never uses his ps2 adaptor. bastards. In other news Buzzard is shipping off to the great sandbox. As annoying as the guy can be at times hes still a friend and I hope he stays safe.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

ok now im annoyed some asshat went and modded down 3 of my last posts from slashdot and there 3 day old posts!!! oh well Hopefully there moderation will get metamoderated as unfair.
well Last night was fun.

Tom,Ken,and Rod Came over and we played Halo on Toms Xbox till around 5 in the morning or so. It was fun well tommrow is my last day of classes at Pima this sememster. Im pretty sure im going to pull a 3.0 as my grade average this sememester.
well thats all I can think of for now.

Monday, May 03, 2004

I would like to thank my good friend Rueben for helping me get the courage to tell a girl I like her. Im content to be just friends I just feel it would be better for the friendship if i was honest with myself. I kind of dumped alot of shit on myself by not being honest with myself. I can take it if we just want to be friends in fact I dont want to date her right now anyway as im not ready for that. If you know me you know who she is. hell ill put who it isnt so theres no one freaking out. its not Eliza,Heather, Adora,April,amber and a couple others who's names escape me at the moment. sorry for the spelling errors in names.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I found this whilst sorting my dojin collection heres the covers and the first page since the rest is standard Hentai Fodder.

Title: Anomanga Royale
By: Suehirogari, Tenjiku Ronin, and others.
Source: Azumanga Daioh

AnoManga Royale front cover
AnoManga Royale back cover
AnoManga Royale First page

I guess Eliza,Tad, Heather, Me and co werent the only people with the idea.

also I kinda borrowed this from eliza's lj and put in my own answers

---------------- THE BASICS------------------
-- Name:Mike
-- Birthday:12/23/81 I feel old at times
-- Nicknames: Cyrax777, Cy, Mike2,Kana(when im roleplaying
-- Favorite band: n/a I listen to such a wide varierty of music i cant pick one

-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
-- Pepsi or coke: Whats on sale?
-- McDonald's or Burger King: I dont like either one. Lucky Wishbone Is better :-D
-- Adidas or Nike:Neither my current pairs of shoes are my Apex's or my Demonia Boots
My foot is a f*cking small mesures 5.5 EEEE
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Depends on if its real Vanilla or the fake imitaion crap.
-- Cappuccino or coffee: Depends on whos buying ill drink either lol

-----------------DO YOU------------------
-- Smoke: Some times mostly social
-- Cuss: Depends on who im around but yeah
-- Take a shower everyday: Yes even when I can hardly move I do my best to get in the shower prefer the bathtub thu.
-- Have a crush(es): Yes of course
-- Who are they?:*cough* Ashley *cough* im probly the only one with the stones to put the real answer
-- Do you think you've been in love?: dont know
-- Want to go to college: Already am. Pima Community College :D
-- Like high school: Depends on when in hs in General no it sucked and I wanted to kill someone for the most part until I moved out to Az and went the accelerated school that was blast thu cuz I could work at my pace.
-- Want to get married: we will see right now I dont 15 years from now who knows
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: No i have my own hybrid method I use works pretty well for me atleast.
-- Believe in yourself: of course if I didnt I would have ate a bullet a long time ago
-- Get motion sickness: Nope
-- Think you're attractive: I dont know sheesh
-- Get along with your parents: yeah my parents are cool.
-- Like thunderstorms: I love it when it rains and I like thunderstorms as long as the power stays on when im using the comp.
-- Play an instrument: Did a little drums in Jr high dont remember jack of it now.

------------IN THE PAST MONTH HAVE YOU--------------
-- Drank alcohol: yeah just a few beers with friends after a long day at work
-- Smoke: 1 or 2 clove cigs with our beers
-- Done a drug: Caffeine
-- Have Sex: No
-- Made Out: No one to make out with
-- Gone to the mall: of course I got my new boots and some cool Hello Kitty socks
-- Eaten sushi: yeah I think so.
-- Been on stage: nop
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: Yeah they were good
-- Been in love: No but I finnaly was honest to my self about my crush on a person I know
-- Dyed your hair: nope
-- Stolen anything: no

-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
-- Flown on a plane: of course many a time
-- Missed school because it was raining?: yes car wouldnt start and I didnt feel like messing with it.
-- Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: Yes via Im but I dont think she belived me
-- Cried during a Movie?: yes dont remember the name of the movie but I did cry during wolfs rain in the end and do to lag of spoiler tag i wont say what scene
-- Ever thought an animated character was hot?:Yes its perfecly normal
-- Had an imaginary friend: Of course I think we all do/did
-- Been on stage?: 3 years of Drama in High School so yeah of course I havent done it in years thu.
-- Cut your hair: does buzzing of your sideburns count?
-- Had crush on a teacher?: yeah but she was 23 my japanese teacher in College I dont remember much from the class thu XP
-- Gotten beaten up: Reason why I hated Highschool so much until we came out here. thats all ill say
-- Been in a fight: see above of course 90% of the time I didnt instigate it thu.

-----------------THE FUTURE------------------
-- Age you hope to be married: when it happens is when it happens
-- Numbers and Names of Children: see above
-- How do you want to die?: how it happens is how it happens of course I could put something crazy like "taking a few of the bastards down with me" but people might think im serius Its a joke people
-- What do you want to be when you grow up?: something dealing with Forensic's
-- What country would you most like to visit?: Japan would be cool to visit but theres alot in the US i want to visit first.

-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
-- Best eye/hair color: I dont care as long I get along with her personality
-- Short or long hair: see above
-- Best height: see above
-- Best weight: there comes to a point when you become either a pole or tub o lard. I know it when I see it.

-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 3 me myself and I
-- Number of CDs that I own: around 10 or so
-- Number of piercings: 0 had a earing in jr high but i got tired of it so i let it heal over
-- Number of tattoos: 1 (kanji for Sakura on my chest under left coller bone) Dont ask.
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a couple times when I was kid since my mom used to enter photos in a local compititeon. been on the Tv a couple times also once for a Defcon in 98 or so. And Once on German Television (they had a film crew at one of the shoots my webboard was having I was in the background shooting a m16 and then they asked me what I thought about guns)

-- Shampoo: Currently whats left of my Card Captor Sakura Shampoo I got. then whatever is in the shower.
-- Fav Color: Green I love green.
-- Day/Night: Night I am a big Night Owl
-- Summer/Winter: Winter I get to break out all my blankets and just lounge in them at night
-- Lace or Satin: I like both but I guess Lace just edges ahead by a few.
-- Fave Food: Depends on mood.
-- Fave Movies: HEAT(the one with Al Pacino)
-- Fave sport: I like playing Golf and baseball I like basketball to but just throwing the ball around not actly plating a full game
-- Fave sports stars: I dont have any as I dont watch sports on TV and such.

----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
-- Wearing: boxers and my ar15.com"woodstock BRC shirt"
-- Drinking: nothing
-- Thinking about: planning out my schedule for the week.
-- Listening to: Harvery Birdman in the background

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
-- Cried: yeah was watching
-- Worn jeans: no I dont own a pair I dont like jeans I prefer either slacks or shorts
-- Met someone new online: no but friday I made a new friend
-- Done laundry: No doing it tommrow
-- Drove a car: Yeah to get lunch
-- Talked on the phone: a little bit with KJ and before that with Noel

----------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
-- Your friends: depends on which friends were talking about some I can feel free to say whatever I want some freak out so I guess it depends on who.
-- Santa Claus: I dont remember if i ever did so no
-- Tooth Fairy: same
-- Destiny/Fate: no My philospy is live for the here and now worry about it later
-- Angels: no
-- Ghosts: no
-- UFO's: as Unidentifed objects that are flying yes but as UFO's being automaticly ET's no
-- God: Could be couldnt be I dont know

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
-- Do you ever wish you had another name?:to many Mike's in this word
-- Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: NO!
-- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: I dont know I see a little of me in each of my friends.
-- Who have you known the longest of your friends?: My friend Matthew in Ca who ive known for over 13 years
-- Are you close to any family member?: I think my grandpa and my parents would count.
-- Who do you hang around the most: Probly Mike1 and J since we work at the same place
-- What's the best feeling in the world?: Relief
-- Worst Feeling?: Hate, Blind Anger. Rage. rejection Its a huge tie
-- What time is it now?: 5 minutes to midnight AZ time
The Azumanga Daioh Dub is awsome it tottaly fits. best line ever "Mr Kimura why did u decidce to become a teacher: "CUZ I LIKE HIGHSCHOOL GIRLS!! "

I love the weboard ar15.com is great from a recent thread on "massage parlors in the general discussion forum"
Originally Posted By MACHINE:
There is one on my way to/from work. I pass it all the time. I see the men coming and going all the time. They leave with a smile on their face or a skip in thier step. I'm sure i'd be the same way after some session with a young fair skinned asian hottie , with firm, supple breasts. Nipples standing at attention, craving for someone to suck them, lightly at first, then with a little more force until she moans. A petite waist that leads to hips that just beg to be grabbed and used as a pushing/pulling aid while she's on all fours. Legs that feel so warm as they wrap around your body, pulling you closer to each other. Hands and fingers, exploring each other, grabbing, carressing, probing. The sound of wet skin smacking against each other. The shimmer her glistening body makes as the sunlight hits her skin. The grunts and moans more vocal and intense as they approach thier destination. Finally wave after wave of pleasure flowing between them until they lie on the bed spent.

Or maybe it is just a massage place."

of course my take on the whole prostituion thing is hey you pay for it one way or another in the end so why not just legalize and regulate it like they do in parts of Nevada. I wouldnt go to one thu one could buy alot of *cough* pr0n*cough* err video games yeah thats its for the price of a prostitute atleast thats my take on it . Just like with drugs what consenting adults agree to do is none of the .gov's busniess on banning it or not. and dont even get me started on the "C.O.18" but thats a topic for another day.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

so tired. went to the office in the evening with M1,C-kun,J, to meet up with one of m1 online friends who turned out lived in tucson. Turned out to be a realy cool person and also a good roleplayer. So we startd a New Shadowrun game with M1 being the GM. Dave out ubercool bossman was still at the office playing UT2K4. I played alittle Doom2 via Zdameon agiesnt C-kun and J it was fun. Funny thing in the gaming we kept trying to pry the phone from Mr. Martin (well acytly its Doc Martin)(j's char we just give his char a hard time by calling him Mr.) cuz we felt he was going to blow the negitions on the run by haggling to long and having the Johnson hang up on us and go to another group of runners. it was pretty funny. also we told him not to eat the strange blue goo but he did anyway and spent the next several turns morphing into diffrent races it was pretty funny.

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