Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Words of Wisdom from ar15.com

Originally Posted By giacutter:
Follow these helpful steps if you wish to visit a strip joint but one is not readily available to you:

Step one: Take $100 (or however much you would normally spend) and BURN it.

Step two: Apply cheap lipstick in haphazard fashion to your cheek and cheap perfume to your shirt; it helps give you that "been to the strip joint smell".

Step three: Roll around on a public men's room floor, the closer to the toilets and urinals the better; this simulates the men your would-be stripper of choice has rubbed on before you.

Step four: Get piss drunk (be sure to burn $5 for each beer and $10 for each cocktail) and look at dirty films or pictures of your choice. This simulates, well you can figure that out.

Step five: be creative! Figure out ways to re-create what you miss about your favorite strip joint!

Following these simple steps can help re-create the strip club experience should an actual strip club not be immediately available to you.

Monday, January 10, 2005

All I know is pima this semester is going to be hectic.
im taking a full load 18 credit hours consisitng on Algebra,Rules of Evidence,CLothing Constuction 1 (Hurray for finnaly learning how to sew), History of the United States, and a couple others I dont remember now. Oh well no big deal.

sorry for lack of pics I have no idea where the hell the damn Memory card with them on it went.

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